Activated almonds and Cashews

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The almonds and the cashews activated after being to soaking consider rejuvenecedores foods in the Ayurveda.
The activated almonds are very nutritious, they give energy you and they put the feet to you on the Earth. When you all night put them to soaking and you peel them before taking them, they become a food much more easy to digest and with many more benefits for your body.
The activated cashews have a high good fat content, are nutritious and good for the growth/fortification of the body. They have many of the same qualities that the activated almonds, among them who when soaking them are much more easy to digest.
All corporal weaves, organs and systems extract the nutrition that contain the foods that takings every day, so to eat a puñadito of almonds and soaked cashews it is the best and healthful option for you and your body.

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