It mixes for Heavy Digestions

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To anybody it likes to finish eating and feeling as if it had swallowed several rocks. The digestive capacity in ayurveda is designated as “agni?, this word in sanskrit describes the cellular intelligence that determines

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Everything to the Tandoori Tandoori Everything!

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Everything to the Tandoori - Tandoori everything Preparé a jar of Tandoori Masala the other day, left best. It is the condiment that traditionally is put to him to the plates that cook in a furnace of

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Five Spice

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This spice combination is very aromatic and it will transport you to the east to the first mouthful, I have understood that number five talks about more to than the mixture contains the five elements (air, earth, water,

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Chai Masala

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  The word masala means mixture of species, in this case the combination is to give to your tea (chai) or infusion a warm and exotic touch. My Gopi friend says that her infallible trick

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Black pepper

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The black pepper is a curative species of great importance within the Ayurveda, along with genjibre and the long pepper (to pipper longum) comprises of a medicinal preparation called Trikatu that helps with problems

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Protector of throat of honey and ginger

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Here you have a traditional remedy for the pain throat, moqueo and the spring allergies. This combination of honey and spices is a fast and efficient way to reduce spring congestion: turmeric,

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Black salt

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Black, well-known salt in Hindi as Kala Namak or Sanchal Bes is volcanic rock a special salt type coming from India. It is of pink color and it tastes mineral very

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The use of genjibre in Ayurveda is so ample that a medicine kit in itself is considered, is sutra (verse) ayurvédico that says that everybody would have to eat genjibre fresh before eating

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Yogi infusion

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This infusion is flavorful and warms up the body as no other thanks to the spice combination that takes. In winter some cups of “Yogi Tea? can help you to repel an incipient cold and

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