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Ayurveda considers that to have a specific routine for each station of year one of the pillars of the health since some upheavals brought about by the changes in the climate can be balanced with small changes in your lifestyle. Station is considered Dressing gown that one that is looked like dressing gown dosha more, that is to say: dry, light, it fries, rough, subtle, movable and is transparent or empty. The autumn is the season classic dressing gown, but perhaps following where cheers you find these attributes in your surroundings before the month of September finishes.
If you begin to observe the means that surround you by qualitative way will be easier to respond to its changes. In fact almost all we adapted to the climate although we do not realize, for example in summer usually we enjoy more salads and much watermelon since they are good antidotes to the summery heat and the intensity. Nevertheless for the month of October or November or we are with the hands in the mass doing breads or preparing forceful soups and stews that balance the light nature, dry and erratic of the autumn. When choosing options in your diet and lifestyle that balance the effects of each station of the year, it will be easier to maintain your sensation to you of harmony.

If we followed the ayurvédico principle of which the opposed ones balance, the season dressing gown (it fries, light, dry, with unpredictable wind and) will be less serious if the floods of warmth, deep nutrition, positive relations and a sensation of stability and solidity.
These general directives will go well to the majority, your diet is a very effective way to calm dressing gown this autumn. Taking heavy, rich good oil foods with high content in protein and fat serve I warm up them and ripened with warm species that stimulate the digestion, thus your internal humidity reserves will not be dried out and you will stay balance during the season dressing gown. Other flavors that you must favor are salty, sweet and the bitter ones; also the soft and papillosas meals served with vegetal oils or ghee are good at this time of the year. A cooked cereal breakfast as oats or tapioca is perfect at this time of the year. It eats for lunch and it has dinner plates that include vegetables to the steam, stewed cereals, soups and stews or that maintains to you with the Earth feet and hydrated well. Milky and the almost all the seeds and nuts are also beneficial in autumn. In main lines, it reduces consumes of crude vegetables, cold and frozen meals in addition to the bitter flavors, astringents and acres. The light foods that cool and dry as brócoli, the cabbage, cauliflower, the germinated ones, the potatoes, the spinach, the beets, the string beans and the beans, the popcorn, millet and the fruits do not come either well in excess droughts. If the takings, assure to you to do it in moderation, soak them, cook them well and serve them with ghee.
To the best thing you have desire to eat more during the autumn, tries to always do this following what your appetite and your digestion ask. This it is a good moment of the year to make a cleaning in plan monkey diet, as dressing gown requires nutrition is better to avoid total fastings.

Some recommendable prescriptions are the Kichadi, Soup of Green Soybean and Tomato, Cream of Zanahoria and Genjibre, the puree of pumpkin with the Coco and the Rice with milk.

Here there is a favorable food list for the autumn:

Apples (cooked)
You file
Plum-it happens (rehidratada)
It happens (rehidratada)

• Beet
• Carrot
• Okra
• Pumpkin
• Sweet potato/sweet potato

• Amaranth
• Basmati rice
• Brown rice
• Oats
• Quinoa
• Wheat

• Red string beans
• Miso
• Green soybean
• Tur Dal
• Urad Dal
All is favorable during the season dressing gown

• Butter
• Buttermilk
• Cheese
• Cream
• Ghee
• Kephir
• Milk (never it fries)
• Bitter milk
• Yogurt

• Almond
• Ghee
• Olive
• Peanut

• Sesame
• Honey
• Integral sugar of palm
• Sirope of maple
• Cane honey
• Sirope of rice
• Integral cane sugar

SPECIES (all is good in this season)
• Anise
Asafétida (Hing)
• Basil
• Laurel
• Black pepper
• Cardamom
• Cinnamon
• Nail
• Dill
• Gengibre
Mustard seeds
• Nut nutmeg
• Oregano
• Sweet chilli
• Parsley
• Romero
• Saffron


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