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Here a brief article on cosmetic natural that I wrote 4 years ago for the Malagan magazine the Spark, already I will give the ayurvédica perspective soon now that is more interest on the subject.
This concerns us to all: the products of personal cleanliness conventional deodorants, humid moisturizers or hand towels for baby take injurious ingredients for the health. It is hour to read the labels and to buy free products of chemical elements that finish being absorbed by the body having produced cancer, allergies, sterility, respiratory malformation of the fetus and problems.

Considering that approximately a 60% than we put ourselves in the skin happens to the sanguineous torrent, we wouldn't have to be the same careful with the cosmetics that with foods? A Spanish half uses as average 4 products of personal care to the day every day, so the contact with toxics is considerable.
The crux of a cosmetic one saw is in that their active principles stimulate the natural functions of cellular nutrition and chemical decontamination of the body whereas a rich conventional hidratante in paraffin dries the long term skin since it makes from within eliminate the water towards outside causing that the epidermis stops being able to hydrate itself by itself. You do not entrust yourself in the immediate effect, the body is necessary to take care of it in the long term.
Because the description of a product is only “Shampoo with Aloe?, it does not guarantee that it is a natural nor ecological product since surely it contains also petroleum products, colouring, artificial perfumes, and synthetic preservatives.

In addition to the exclusion of the detailed injurious ingredients in the picture, other factors nail of cosmetic natural the biological one are their ecological certification (it looks for the logo of Ecocert, BDIH or Nature ET Progrès), obtained because they use worked raw materials without chemicals, respect the environment, and they do not experiment with animal since they are tried very dermatologically on voluntary people. In the short term they can seem more expensive than conventional products, nevertheless you can use less amount since they are richer so in the end they last the same and they make damage neither nor to yours, nor to the planet in which we lived since they are biodegradable.


We must be used to us reading the list of ingredients of the products that we put ourselves, you do not use cosmetics that contain:

Aluminum It appears in the label as Aluminum Hydrochlorate, Aluminum Clorhídrico and Aluminium Zirconium, deodorant main ingredients of all type. The debate on its relation with the breast cancer is not nothing new better to avoid it.

Paraffin peliculante agent, produces an osmotic effect, and so every time you have the dehydrated skin more. Example: the typical hidratante lipstick to which you enlist and without her the lips are cut to you.

Parabenes according to numerous scientific studies these preservatives are bound to the cancer of chest and interruptions in the endocrine system. Examples: they butylparaben, Ethylparaben, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, etc.

1,4-dioxane present in 57% of all the soaps for babies, and 34% of all the creams for the body, the studies demonstrate that this chemistry penetrates the skin easily and could cause cancer in the humans, is officially cancerigenic for the animal.

Teflon, PTFE, synthetic, colouring perfumes artificial, SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate), Phthalatos (DBP/DMP/DEP) and Silicone.

Generally move away to you of cosmetic products of supermarket and elije oils of first pressure in cold to hydrate, homemade soaps to wash and already I will give incredible prescriptions with bicarbonate for almost all the others.


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If you want to know more on Ayurveda or you want to prove other rich vegetarian prescriptions, walk you by this Web, certainly you find inspiration.

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  1. Bellanatura September 27, 2012 AT 8:01 p.m. - Reply

    Congratulations by this magnificent article! One of our objectives is also the one of being able to spread some premises that all do not know, and mainly to give to the skin the same importance him that we are giving our feeding, by the causes that you enumerate well in your article. The amount of nonbenign ingredients for our organism is impressive. In our Web we have a connection to a dictionary of “ingredients? INCI with its respective level of toxicity, for which he is not chemical expert and it wants to know what is being put in the skin.
    A strong hug and much spirit with this wonderful initiative!
    Please, you do not stop warning to us when you publish something regarding this field in the Spark. It will be a pleasure to share it.

  2. Fatima February 9, 2013 AT 2:10 a.m. - Reply

    It seems to me excellent but they would have to give options of brands

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