Kit of not-toxic cleaning

Almost all the synthetic products of cleaning of nowadays are based on prescriptions of long ago that used natural ingredients and they have been gone of generation in generation because the formula hit the nail on the head. To return to those ingredients of natural origin is the perfect way to make cleaning products that work, do not contaminate, they save free money and it maintains and your family to you of the allergies that produce some synthetic detergents. The majority of the components you have them in the closets of your kitchen, you must combine them with ecological products of cleaning that do not harm the environment to secure a healthy home and only free of toxicity.
To make your kit of not-toxic cleaning is fast and easy, it follows the instructions that come next and you will have sprays and clean-bathrooms for the rest of the year.
It raises fórmuas homemade leave much more cheap that the commercial version even if you invest in essential oils and those detergents multipurpose concentrates that are now sold much in herbalists and echo-shops.

Sodium carbonate (Na2CO3)
White vinegar distillate
Good detergent or liquid soap (type soap of natural Marseilles)
Essential oil of the tree of the tea
6 boats with sprayer
2 crystal jars


Cup throws 1/2 of bicarbonate in an earthen bowl and adds liquid detergent until securing a creamy texture. The mixture throws on a clean sponge and the surface at issue. This is the perfect prescription to clean the bathtub because it is rinsed easily and it does not leave rest.

Note: If you add 1 teaspoon of vegetal glycerin coffee to the mixture you can store it in a closed good crystal jar so that it is not dried out. But, it mixes only the amount that you are going to use in each session of cleaning.


1/4-1/2 teaspoon of coffee of liquid detergent
3 nosey spoonfuls of vinegar
2 water cups
Boat with sprayer

It throws all the ingredients in the boat with spray, shakes it and uses it just as any commercial brand of clean-crystals. The soap in this prescription is important because it will be eliminating the rest of wax of the clean-crystals that you have used in the past.


1 cup (or more) of bicarbonate
A pair of apretujones of liquid detergent

It generously sprinkles the bottom of the furnace with water and covers it with sufficient bicarbonate so that the surface is completely white. It sprinkles a little more water it raises and it leaves mixture forges it all night. To the following morning the fat will have been disincrusted and you will be able to clean it easily, once you have cleared fattest you can clean what it is with a bit of liquid detergent in a sponge. If it does not work to you this prescription surely will be because you have not thrown sufficient bicarbonate and/or water.


1/2 teaspoon of Sodium carbonate coffee
A liquid soap bit
2 hot water cups of the faucet

It combines the ingredients in a boat with sprayer and shakes until the Sodium carbonate dissolves. It pulverizes the clean surface and with a sponge or balleta.

1/2 teaspoon oil coffee, for example of olive (or of jojoba that is a liquid wax)
1/4 cup of vinegar or juice of lemon just expressed
It mixes the ingredients in a jar, greases the cleaner with a smooth cloth and uses on wood surfaces. It closes the jar and it keeps, does not spoil.


Pon white vinegar distillate in 2 boats with spray and tenlos by hand to clean the kitchen and in the bathroom, is ideal to clear the scents of the table to cut. The scent of the vinegar disappears after some hours. The pure vinegar is very effective also to clean the toilet: to pulverize and to clean.


Treasure of the Tree of the Tea
The oil of the tree of the tea is not cheap but with just a little bit much is obtained, this spray acquittal the wonder mould and although it smells strong the scent disappears in just a short time.

2 teaspoons of essential oil coffee of the tree of the tea
2 water cups

It combines in a boat with spray, shakes and it uses on the zone to try. Not it rinsings later.

Spray Vinegar
The pure vinegar kills 82% of the mould so it throws a little in a boat with spray and pulverizes the moldy zone, but not it rinsings that the scent will disappear in some hours.

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