Cream of Sweet potato with Almonds to the Tamari

The magic of this cream of sweet potato is in the resistance between the sweet flavor of the main ingredient and the spices that give a warm dimension him to this cremita. This plate is nutritious at any time, but with the trimming of almendritas toasts, it files it and the coriander gets dressed celebration.
Also it is well combining the sweet potato with carrot and using it grazes Thailander of green curry as condiment instead of the spices that I detail in the list of ingredients, that yes, this option to only serves you if you like the sharp one.

It serves to 4

1 nosey spoonful of coconut oil
½ asafétida teaspoon
1 nosey spoonful of shredded fresh ginger
4-5 cups of vegetable broth
6 cups of bare and cut sweet potatoes in cubes
¼ of coconut milk cup
½ salt teaspoon
¼ teaspoon of ground black pepper
¼ teaspoon of worn out nail
½ teaspoon of garam masala
the juice of ½ files

Perforated almonds and toasts with tamari
½ cup of pricked crude almonds
1 nosey spoonful of tamari or sauce of soybean

In order to decorate
Minced fresh coriander
Juice of Lima
Perforated almonds and toasts with tamari

Pon coconut oil to melt in a great average fire casserole, adds the first asafétida one, as soon as you notice its aroma, throws ginger, when they spend 2 minutes it throws the sweet potato and mixes it all good so that it is covered with the especiado oil.
It adds to the broth of vegetable and salt. Combine it everything.
It leaves soup boils it to average fire until the sweet potato is tender.
It adds coconut milk.
The USA a beater of hand until securing a creamy and smooth texture.
Now it adds the black pepper, the nail and garam masala. It returns to beat so that it is combined well, adds more broth if you prefer a more liquid texture.

When serving the minced coriander throws, some droplets of Lima and the almonds toasts with tamari.

It warms up the furnace to 160
Pon paper of furnace on a furnace tray.
In a medium earthen bowl it mixes the almonds pricked with the sauce of soybean or tamari until well they are covered.
It scatters the almonds on the tray so that there is a single layer.
It toasts the almonds between 9 and 12 minutes until they are sea breams. Tamari will have been dried.
It leaves cool off totally, they will become hardened and they will be put crisp.