Cleaning of language

Jihwa Prakshalana is a Ayurvédico ritual translated as “scraped of language?, this oral cleaning eliminates bacteria, rest of food, fungi, toxins and died cells of the surface dela language.
While you sleep, your digestive system follows wide-awake making the work eliminate toxins of the body and it sends them to the surface of the language, if we did not clear them to us with the matutinal scraped one they are reabsorben and they been able to bring about respiratory problems, digestive and weakness of the immune system. So to clean to the language every morning with a scraper designed for this function it will eliminate those the metabolic bacteria and residues that you can have in the mouth.
In Ayurveda the layer that covers your language reflects the health of your digestive system, a healthy language has a covered pink tone with a off-white fine film, nevertheless a language little heals will be covered by a heavy layer of yellow, white, gray or black color. The scraped one of the language along with brushed and the use of dental floss completes your routine of buccal hygiene.

The scraped one of language prevents the accumulation with bacteria that contribute a:

Diseases of the gingivae
Digestive and respiratory problems
Smaller sensitivity of the taste buds


Before scraping it, tomato a little while to inspecionar the language to you, if notes that the layer that covers it is very heavy, it indicates that you have the upset digestion and agrees to you to follow a slight vegetarian diet. It avoids foods heavy and difficult to digest, for example better not to eat milky nor meat until it improves the aspect of your language. The scraped one is realised of back forwards between 5 and 10 times with smoothness. It ends up cleaning and drying your scraper and rinsing the mouth to you.
If you do not have scrape-languages, you can use a stainless steel teaspoon.


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