Spring purification II

This process is a variation of purvakarma, a traditional practice whose objective is to balance the 3 doshas in addition to reducing to the stress and the agitation of your body and mind.

It tries to maintain the rate of every day under control, this week you do not fill the agenda of commitments that are not fundamental and includes a daily session of yoga or meditation. If you have much energy, ahead with an yoga class energetics type ashtanga, but a good session of pranayama or hatha yoga will be sufficient so that the energy circulates around your body.

When waking up to you in the morning and several times throughout the day you must drink about 170 ml of lukewarm water, this in addition to staying hydrated will promote healthy intestinal movements. Your meals will consisitirán of kichadi that will go accompanied of a rich chutney. To follow this smooth diet and to drink digestive infusions will reinforce your digestion and will help your body to eliminate little healthful by-products of your weaves. One hour before going to the bed, tomato 2 capsules (or 1/2 teaspoon dissolved in hot water) of triphala, a nutritious mixture of traditionally used grass to promote the elimination and the rejuvenation of the body.

A Ayurvédica cleaning is not a total fasting, assures to you to eat sufficient as being satiated but not too full. We want to hard maintain your digestive fire without feeling to you emotionally dull, if hunger between meals enters to you, tomato some ecological apple slices. If kichadi is not sufficient, it adds some verduritas to the steam to the plate, you can choose between ecological spinach, beets, brócoli and marrow. It chews slowly, ten the present mind in which you are doing and thus you will know when your stomach is sufficiently full.
Whereas the rest and the relaxation create space for the transformation, to maintain a daily routine will maintain to you with the Earth feet and it will help to find the balance you. In addition to eating and meditating or to do yoga to the same hour every day, incorporates two new practices this week: the cleaning of language and abhyangam, a car massage tranquilizer that releases accumulated stress and revitalizes the lymphatic circulation.

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  2. Magda Cuevas September 11, 2012 AT 2:16 p.m. - Reply

    I congratulate you by your publications, you know some site in the Web, that sells these capsules of triphala?

    • Sara September 25, 2012 AT 12:49 p.m. - Reply

      Magda, looks for in Internet. It tries that the ingredients are ecological and better of consumption just. I am investigating the possibility of distributing some grass. I know that pukkaherbs.com is a good brand.

      Ah! Another thing, better to take Triphala in dust, to savor the grass is important although a little costs.

      Mantenme informed into your findings.

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