Spring purification I

cleaning and spring chemical decontamination

The spring is season of celebration and their qualities are the warmth, the humidity and the smoothness. That warmth that also melts the accumulated snow and ice causes that accumulated kapha in our bodies (kapha is the psychic-corporal force responsible for the lubrication and maintained energy) becomes liquid and begins to move, the colds at this time of the year are the winter accumulations leaving the body.

According to millenarian Ayurvédica science, the spring supports to the body in its process of cleaning and chemical decontamination creating the ideal circumstances so that the body eliminates unnecessary accumulations and can work better to prevent diseases and to maintain the well-being that as much we appreciated when he is absent. Just as you change to the oil to the motor of your car each not-self-whatever-thousand kilometers to him, to your body also a period comes to him or from maintenance at least once a year and this one is the moment for doing it and for doing it or.
The best conjuncture to become a completion successfully is the one that better goes to you, is important to be calm and without resistance to the cleaning process since in addition to physiological impurities, almost all we have emotional toxins that to also eliminate. Ayurveda includes a chemical decontamination system very complete call Pancha Karma that is only due to realise under the supervision of a Ayurvédico doctor, nevertheless with making some changes to your diet and introducing certain you rule that they animate the process of elimination of the body during between one week and ten days already you will notice a significant change.
This Spring Purification will help you with problems as:

  • Bad digestion: gases, swelling, acid ebb tide, lacking of appetite, feel nauseous, fatigue after eating
  • Bad elimination: constipation, loose depositions
  • Problems of weight: overweight or excessive thinness
  • Problems leather: acne, heat rashes, fungi
  • Immune system under: caught a cold frequent, chronic congestion, allergies/sinusitis
  • Menstrual difficulties and/or irregularities
  • Low energy or little resistance
  • Insomnia, difficulty to think clearly
  • Emotional imbalances caused by stress as preoccupation, anxiety, wrath or depression
  • The cleaning that I recommend consists to follow a vegetarian diet of easy digestion, to eliminate foods that prevent the corporal balance as for example the coffee, teas with theine (including the green one), the alcohol and the tobacco, and to incorporate to your routine a daily car-massage, smooth exercise and to try to take a rate of life more calmed during this phase and to give same time you to observe how your body to these changes reacts. If you can animate to a friend or relative who does it with you, because and better easier for both.
    Hunger does not go nor is fasted totally, you can continue working although he is recommendable to eliminate superfluous responsibilities and to open itself to new perspective, to analyze what habits favor your well-being and which reduce it.
    always the spring has enchanted me, to appear again power after the winter cold: Bumi Devi - the Mother Earth awakes, she leaves the sun and we see how she around brings forth the life and the color to ours. You begin to have more energy and desire to be outside where they sing the small birds and they play the children. Why not to take advantage of this scene to pamper you during some days and to give a push to your process of car-treatment?
    In the following article I will detail the recommended daily routine for an optimal purification.

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