Bombay Bataka Curry of Tomato, Tamarind and Potato

This is not a simple potato curry with tomato, no, the tamarind and garam masala turn it into an exotic and delicious delicacy. You can eliminate chili ignites to fear to you, but authenticity is also lost, better to reduce than to eliminate, I would say.
A perfect stew in winter where the Earth slowness balances of the potato with the fire of the tomato has been successful in my classes of kitchen so why are not going you to also like?

3 red potatoes medians
25g dry tamarind (of a block)
3cm fresh, bare and shredded ginger
75ml sunflower oil
2-4 chilis red, started off by half
1 teaspoon of coffee of grain cumin
1 teaspoon of black grain mustard coffee
½ asafétida teaspoon of coffee of
400g of tomato, fresh or of tin, crushed or picadito
25g of jaggery shredded or panela/brown sugar
1 teaspoon of coffee of cayena in dust
1 nosey spoonful of dust grain coriander
1 ½ teaspoons of coffee of dust turmeric
1 ½ teaspoons of salt coffee
2 handfuls of picadito fresh coriander
¾ teaspoons of coffee of garam masala

It serves to 4

it boils potatoes with the skin during 40 minutes or hastq that the end of a knife enters easily. As soon as they cool off, peel them and cut them in 2 daditos of cms.
Pon the tamarind to soaking in 200 ml of boiling water during 10 minutes, with the hands separates the pulp of the bones of the fruit and, placing a strainer on an earthen bowl, it passes the pulp through the strainer with the help of a spoon.
It turns shredded ginger into a fine pulp with the help of a mortar.
It warms up the oil to red average fire and adds chilis, cumin and the mustard in grain. As soon as the mustard grains crackle, low the fire and adds the asafétida one, the tomato and the brown sugar. Remove it until the sugar dissolves.
It raises high fire and it adds the water of tamarind, ginger, cayena, the coriander in ground grain, turmeric, salt, half of the fresh coriander and 400 ml of water.
Cover to the frying pan and cooks it all about 10 minutes so that the species are united and the flavors intensify.
It adds garam masala and it combines very either, this it is an important flavor and it is necessary to integrate it or before adding the main ingredient.
It throws potatoes and it removes smoothly so that they are not broken.
Acquittal the frying pan of the fire, adds the fresh coriander that is left and leaves the stew rests, covered, at least 10 minutes so that the flavors infusionen.

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    Hello Sara
    I like your page and your prescriptions
    In q country you live?

    • Sara April 8, 2018 AT 8:54 a.m. - Reply

      Thanks Shine,

      I am in the south of Spain, the province of Malaga. You come to visit to me? 🙂

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