Cauliflower Korma style

The style “Korma? is of Mogol influence, that is to say that is a fusion of the Turk-Persian kitchen with the one of India, nowadays many typical plates of the North of the country are influenced by this slope although there are variations in other parts of India.
In general terms the Mogol kitchen is not of vegetarian content and it is characterized by the use of yogurt in creamy sauces, fruits droughts and saffron.

I present a delicious prescription that can be prepared in version vegana using a combination of yogurt of soybean, spices and dust almonds to you to thicken the sauce in which we will cook the queen of the vegetal world: cauliflower.
One of the keys of the kitchen carried out by vegetables is not to cook them in excess because they become a boring puree without consistency. It tries that your cauliflower is done but maintains a point al dente, ten in account that although you extinguish the fire, the ingredients are continued cooking a rat more with the residual heat of the frying pan.
It accompanies this plate with rice or chapatis, it will enchant to you.

They leave between 4 and 6 portions


1 cup whitened almonds
1 nosey spoonful of starred anise
1 branch of cinnamon of 10 cms
6 nails
4 cases of cardamom
5 chilis green small without seeds
1 ' 5 cms of fresh ginger
250 ml of soybean yogurt
2 teaspoons of salt coffee
2 teaspoons of brown sugar coffee
4 nosey spoonfuls of oil
1 great cauliflower (1 kg) signs cut in 18 pieces

It toasts the almonds until they are gilded in the furnace or a frying pan. It leaves cool off and grinds them in a pinwheel until securing a fine powder.

It toasts the starred anise, the cinnamon, the nail and the cardamom in a frying pan of heavy ass between 3 and 5 minutes until several tones are darkened and give off their wonderful aroma. It grinds the spice mixture toasts in a coffee mill until securing a very fine dust.

Now we threw chilis green and ginger in a food processor, when it is well picadito, we add yogurt, salt, the sugar, the almonds in dust and 250 ml of cold water.

It ignites the processor until obtaining a smooth sauce smooth.

It adds ground spices, and it beats a little more until it is a homogenous mixture.

It warms up the oil to low fire in a frying pan anti great adherent. It throws the pieces of cauliflower and skips them during 5 minutes or until you see that they have the ends sea breams.

It throws the sauce of yogurt and it mixes everything with care. The temperature of the fire raises until the sauce boils and low the temperature the minimum again. Perhaps according to it is thickened the sauce, you must add water to the frying pan.

Korma between 25 cooks your cauliflower to the style and 30 minutes semi covered, removing often until the sauce thickens and cauliflower he is tender but firm.

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  1. JAG March 4, 2017 AT 10:25 a.m. - Reply

    Mmmmm… of my favourite plates! Recera cannot be more delicious this! I add more vegetal cashews to him and! Thanks for the blog and the gift.

    • Sara March 15, 2017 AT 9:59 a.m. - Reply

      Clearly, the prescriptions are a starting point. It lets fly your imagination!

  2. white cecilia to aguilar a. March 4, 2017 AT 1:55 p.m. - Reply

    It is what I need thanks

    • Sara March 15, 2017 AT 10:00 a.m. - Reply

      I am glad of which you like White.

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