Stuffed dates to the Cardamom

These stuffed dates are perfect to replace energy after making exercise, to dance as a crazy person or when you feel that you need it shoots of healthy force. They put the Earth feet to you, they are nutritious and they help to create muscular weave.
One of the ingredients is “Coco butter?, that noncoconut oil, it you can do you yourself putting the Coco shredded without sweeteners in your foot processor until securing the consistency of a vegetal butter.


10 Medjool dates
1/2 cup of Butter of the Coco (coconut oil… does not look for it in your herbalist or store saw)
1 cup of the shredded Coco
1 nosey spoonful of Ghee (clarify butter)
1 files
1 teaspoon of coffee of seed of worn out cardamom
1/2 teaspoon of coffee of dust cinnamon
1 salt pinch of the Himalayas

It warms up the butter of the Coco to low fire with ghee until ponlo in a separated earthen bowl melts and so that it cools off.
It expresses the juice of Lima in another earthen bowl, assures to you that mno falls the seeds nor the pulp.
It adds the cardamom, the cinnamon, salt and it files it to the earthen bowl with the combination of the butter of the Coco with ghee.
It toasts half of the shredded Coco to average fire until it is gilded, ten well-taken care of that is toasted fast!
It extinguishes the fire and it puts the Coco in another container so that it does not continue being toasted.
It opens the dates, it removes the seeds and leaves them open as if they were barquitos.
Slowly it adds the Coco shredded toasted to the mixture of butter of the Coco until securing a sufficiently firm consistency as filling up the dates.
Stuffed the dates with the mixture, and decorate with worn out cinnamon and a little shredded Coco if you want.
It puts the dates in the refrigerator so that they become hardened and already they are ready to share with your friendly 🙂

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