Truffles of Carob bean, the Coco and Cacahuete

These truffles always are much successful, the wonderful thing is that they are easy to prepare and healthier that other desserts.
I must say that it leaves from the magic is in doing you yourself the cream of peanut unless you have found a brand of quality in some bioshop or herbalist. The peanut cream is easy to prepare although yes it requires a food processor of certain power not to have to add oil to him or some liquid so that the peanuts and the flour of the Coco crush themselves well I do it simply passing the Coco shredded by a coffee mill.
I prefer the carob bean over the chocolate because it contains neither teobromina caffein nor, both are stimulating that produce bassoon when their effects go, super interesting if you do not love undertow children making bitter to you the celebration 1 hour after swelling of chocolate and white sugar. In addition the carob bean contains little fat and much fiber and calcium.
The secret to prevail with the carob bean flour is always to sift it and to accompany it by some drops of essence of quality vanilla well.
Test to a to replace the cane sugar by dates medjoul, and to add grating of
orange or fruits droughts, thus you end a more interesting assortment of truffles.

100 ml of water
250 g peanut cream
100 g Coco flour
200 g @panela tradition
some drops of vanilla essence
70 g carob bean flour
a puñadito of the shredded Coco


Grs of peanuts in an average fire frying pan toasts 250, removes them of time in
when so that they are not burned. They will begin to give off a very rich aroma.
It extinguishes the fire when they begin to gild and leaves cool off.
Pon cachuetes in your food processor, throws a pinch of salt and
ignite it.
Perhaps they will be crushed, following the power of your beater arrives
moment at which you must add hilillo of sunflower oil so that
process continues. I with a one of 800 watts with himself quite smooth cremita,
in any case, it does not matter that it leaves crisp, therefore the truffles will have more texture.

It mixes the butter of peanut, the flour of the Coco and the carob bean in an earthen bowl.
It warms up 100 ml of water in a dipper and dissolves the sugar in him, adds vanilla.
The content throws of the dipper to the earthen bowl with the ingredients droughts, mixes everything
Now you can put everything in a mold and cut it in cuadraditos when one cools off,
or to make small balls taking small pieces and rolling enters them Las Palmas of the hands.
It dusts the Coco shredded above so that they are beautiful.
Mételas in the refrigerator so that they become hardened or takes them to you from the time if you do not want
to hope.

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