Ayurveda: Basic introduction I

In Ayurveda sanskrit it has been meaning “science of life? and has his origin for more than 5000 years in the Indian subcontinent, comprises of the millenarian Vedaic culture and during long time one orally transmitted by teachers his disciples. Until the 1500 BC these knowledge in paper were not shaped, being the Charaka Samhita the amplest and exhaustive volume on the subject. Considered by many experts as science older healer, it has originated recent natural therapies as Homeopathy.

Strategy: your constitution and its internal balance
Ayurveda gives to much importance to the prevention of diseases and the maintenance of the health: you will arrive at the vital balance if you find the diet, lifestyle and the correct grass for your constitution. In the same way that each we have a unique track digital, also we have particular a power design, is a unique combination of physical, mental and emotional characteristics that compose our constitution. This constitution that in sanskrit is called Prakruti, is determined at the time of the conception and remains equal during the rest of your life.
Nevertheless the life sends situations to us that threaten that balance constantly: the changes of time and physical station, traumas, our labor and familiar relations, our emotional state and our nourishing elections are all possible sources of imbalance. When you understand these factors you can take measures to diminish his impact on your health and to maintain or to restore the balance. The balance is the standard order and the imbalance is a disorder, the health is the order and the disease is the disorder. Within our body there is a constant interaction between the order and the disorder.

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