Salt of the box: it extinguishes the TV, ignites the life

Every time we spent more time in front of the screen, the computer, the video-games, ipads and dvds does not do more than to add minutes to the total balance. According to statistics of the American Acadenia of Paediatrics the typical boy in the United States sees 4 hours of television the day, that without counting the Wii, Playstation or Nintendo of turn, in Spain the time last in front of the TV is almost half, some 2 hours and 34 minutes, but without counting the other aparatitos that comprise of our society of the information. All this passive consumption affects to us safe, but to what extent?

In many homes the hour to have dinner has happened to be a rallying point to chat over the day of each member of the family to become a parade of loaded trays of meals defrosted in the microwaves directed each to a different screen. Many still eat together but seeing the idiot box or devouring quickly to be able to return to which is that they were seeing before having to come to the table. It goes.

The result is that those are the producers of the television networks that are raising to our children. If we consider that the TV is means that depend on the sensationalism and the shock we will see why it is so difficult to relay contents where it reigns the wisdom or it shows complex processes as the resolution of problems. On the contrary the TV standard that to be crude and irresponsible in addition to being acceptable, is fun much. The children learn what is sex and the violence but without its consequences, emotional implications and responsibilities.

It has been spoken much on the effects to see violent contents on the children, is multitude of studies on the subject and the universal conclusion is that to see violence it increases aggressive behaviors, impatience and the tendency to leave tasks without finishing.

Most of the cerebral development happens during the first two years of life, and happens with much rapidity. The mind of a boy is very different from the one from an adult, beyond its innocence and poetic perception of the world, instead of both hemispheres of the adult brain, the brain of a boy is a single receiver of sensorial experiences in which neither sides are distinguished has not dominated to the other. Until they learn a language, the children absorb their experience in a type of thought not-verbal who more ahead considers a function of the right hemisphere. When beginning the linguistic stage, both hemispheres are also developed but in the biochemical and structural sense, the brain is not completely mature until the 12 years. Once mature, the typical thing is that the left side becomes the dominant one, is the one that controls the verbal functions and logics of the brain, meintras that the right hemisphere controls the space and visual functions. Until recently it was thought that this development was predetermined genetically, nevertheless now thinks that the necessary abilities for the expression and the reasoning are not automatic. To see the TV threatens the development of these abilities because it requires the suspension of an active cognition.

Better than the minors of 2 years they do not see the TV and that young majors do not see more than 2 hours of educative programs without violence. Whereas to ignite the TV it gives a rest them immediate to tired parents of the hyperactivity of his sprouts, that hypnosis in addition to entertaining to them prevails to them of the effects that have the experiences “live?. Mainly in the field of the linguistic learning: the language of the actors does not have the same effect that a reciprocal and participating conversation that gives rise to think, to make questions and to give spirit. The television is a street of a single sense, therefore the children learn to being liabilities instead of a to reason. The crux of the matter is that the questions and imaginations of the children are the key of their process of learning, thus hour after hour by day after day of year after year to remain inactive in front of the screen affects its intellectual, emotional development, and moral. The imaginative games of fantasy are a crucial part of the childhood and it allows them to explore different situations with outcomes and different answers. On the other hand, to tell stories them and to read books to them feed those imaginative games, nevertheless to see fantastic contents and creative it does not produce the same reaction.

The habit to see the TV often is created by parents who need a rest the activity of their children, but this short term solution can have negative impacts in the long run since those same children usually are less able to entertain themselves to themselves. When supplanting their imaginations with fast images the TV teaches mental passivity. A bred boy with hours and hours of TV usually becomes bored during the delayed childhood so he compensates to stimulate to the children from the first moment to foment an active imagination.
In order to avoid problems with the TV, the best thing is not to see it nor to use it of baby sitter. If there is TV at home is necessary to establish some clear rules exceeds how to use it and not to break those directives. Better never to make of the TV a reward or a punishment because it gives to more protagonism and importance him to equipment. If you begin to reduce the hours of TV, he is better to explain why it beams and to clarify that it is not a punishment. The first month will be hardest, but mantente it signs the addictions are not good. Also you will have to help them to fill up the time that happened seeing the TV, helps to discover new likings them and to explore new possibilities. Go to give strolls to you, you make homemade workings or that help in the garden. You can learn to play and to make music in family, tells histories, constructs a small house them for birds, paints together, you can make yoga… in short, it involves to your children in the daily activities of your house and animates to you to ignite the flame of the exploration and the discovery far from the screen.

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