Sauce of Red Peppers

You can begin with red and hormearlos peppers or cook them to untimed fire in a frying pan. If you have haste also is well with peppers of piquillo in conserve.
There are variations on this subject in several cultures of the world: muhamara Lebanese, the Greek htipití, and in sharp version harissa Moroccan or the canary gravy picón.
It is of where it is, this sauce is an ideal support for the tostaditas of polenta, also is rich with crudités, with bread, potatoes… with any thing that resists the flavor dulzón of the peppers.

2 great red peppers
Hilillo of olive oil
100 grs of almonds or nuts
1/2 asafétida teaspoon of
1/2 salt teaspoon
1/2 teaspoon of chilli of the smoky side
cayena or chili in dust (optional)


It cooks the peppers to the furnace or the frying pan until they are tender.
Clear the skin to them and the seeds, it keeps the juice if you want.
It toasts the almonds or nuts, once cold grind them in your food processor until securing a fine powder.
It adds to the peppers roasts and the rest of the ingredients, processes everything until obtaining a fine sauce.

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