Advice for one spring happy

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With the arrival of the spring which desires more they are slight things.
If you change your nutritional habits during the spring you will help your body to balance his snot production, to regulate its levels of hydration and also to open the so important channels of elimination in the natural process of chemical decontamination that happens between the winter and the spring.
In case you do not know by where to begin, here you have some ideas:
The day with a light breakfast begins: seasonal fruit with an infusion, for example (nontoasts and coffee).
To eat and to have dinner tomato some verduritas to the steam with light cereals: rice basmati, millet or quinoa with vegetables of season as beans or peas.
To almost everybody it agrees to him to eat those green small leaves that appear now (spinach, beet, rúcula, lettuce…), vegetable of the family of the cabbage (cabbage, schools of Brussels, kale, etc.) and also you can seat some well chilis green.
Improvement your meals with the sharp touch of ginger, the black pepper, a pinch of cayena and all the aromatic grass that you want. This it is the touch that makes that your palate flipe, that your plates are varied and that your digestion is optimal.
You do not underestimate the one effects alimentation correct and adapted to which it happens in your surroundings on your health: the general rule to follow in spring is the one to take foods with the bitter flavors, sharp astringents and acres/, preparations of slight way (to the not fried steam and, for example), warm (better it warms up that crude) and dry (better steam than boiled).

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  1. marta September 22, 2015 AT 3:14 p.m. - Reply

    Hello I would like if they can send prescriptions to me since I am making the ayurvedico treatment. Thanks I wait for an answer

    • Sara September 23, 2015 AT 7:31 p.m. - Reply

      Marta, this Web is full of prescriptions! It proves those that fit with your treatment. If there is you look for in particular, occurred it please.

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