Infusion of Ginger and Turmeric

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We have already spoken of the effect that has the spring on doshas, how it is the moment at which the body wants to purify the winter accumulations, because this infusion helps in this process. As much

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For light Kapha, foods

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The light foods are the antithesis of the slowness of Kapha, you will know if a food is light simply by its weight and its density, for example vegetables and the fruit is generally light, thus

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Elixir golden for the well-being

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With a name thus who is not going away to make this drink at home? The good thing is that of marketing nothing because really works: if you drink this infusion even fries you are going away to move away of

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Solutions for the swelling

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Test the following remedies if you have gases and you are [email protected]: It chews some fennel seeds or you be done an infusion of fennel with mint and drinks it to you to sorbitos while he is hot. It prepares infusion adding one

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Stop Gases! 15 advice to prevent the swelling

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To many women the belly is swollen to us and we have the sensation to take a globe in the stomach… happens almost always when you are going to leave and you are wanted to put a fit modelito: nothing is fun.

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5 prescriptions to give the welcome to the autumn

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The summery heat is dissipated, the season in which predominates pitta takes step to the station in which it sends dressing gown, the surroundings becomes cold and dry more and more, with wind

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5 measures anti-snot

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The winter has taken step to the spring, the change of station has been happening gradually from February: the days have been extended, the temperatures have been raising, rains fall, the flowers decorate

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Ayurveda and the Seasons

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Ayurveda recommends a seasonal routine (ritucharya) and another daily one (dinacharya) to maintain healthful, that benefits to you of a long life with spiritual growth. Every season offers an opportunity for the rejuvenation, the chemical decontamination and the development

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Protector of throat of honey and ginger

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Here you have a traditional remedy for the pain throat, moqueo and the spring allergies. This combination of honey and spices is a fast and efficient way to reduce spring congestion: turmeric,

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Homemade yogurt

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We rescue that one custom to make yogurt at home, it does not require long time and nevertheless the benefits of a just homemade yogurt are much majors that the one of its commercial equivalent that

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