Homemade yogurt

We rescue that one custom to make yogurt at home, it does not require long time and nevertheless the benefits of a just homemade yogurt are much majors that the one of its commercial equivalent that takes not is known how long locked up in a tarrina losing his prana and the active fresh bacteria that are so beneficial for the intestine: they facilitate the harmful digestion and they help to kill virus.

Yogurt just done is especially beneficial for the people who follow a vegetarian diet since 250 grams of yogurt contain about 13 grams of protein in addition to the vitaminic complex B, calcium (450 milligrams), potassium, phosphorus and folic acid. Usually it is advised to eat yogurt to people who have taken antibiotic since these destroy the intestinal lactic flora and thus they replace the healthful bacterium that needs the intestine.

Ayurveda recommends to take yogurt in the form of a called drink lassi since it causes that yogurt is still more light and easy to digest, is recommended to make a turn of yogurt for his consumption in the same day to take advantage of his benefits to the maximum. According to Ayurveda yogurt is due to combine neither with milk nor with cream. It is the only “fermented? food considered sátvico in the ayurvédica philosophy.

There are several methods to make yogurt at home, you can be bought an automatic yogurtera but it is very easy to make yogurt without her. Here I leave a pair of different methods, the important thing is to take care of the quality of the initial ingredients and the temperatures in each part of the process.

1 liter of whole ecological milk
125 grs of natural yogurt with active bacteria

It warms up milk in a dipper until it boils.
It extinguishes and it leaves cools off until reaching the corporal temperature, between 35 and 37
°C, test with the finger and to see that he is not too hot.
Assure to you that yogurt is to room temperature and mixes it with milk using a beater well manual.

The mixture in a sterilized container and ponlo in a warm place without airflows throws. For example you could put it in the furnace extinguished with the put pilot, the calorcito of the light is sufficient temperature to activate yogurt. Between 8 and 12 hours of incubation it is sufficient, if you put it at night, to the following morning you will have fresh yogurt. If your furnace does not have pilot, you can preheat it to 40ºC, to inside put the container with the ignited furnace 2 or 3 hours, to extinguish it and to leave the one rests in its interior some 8 hours the more.

Read this to you if you want to know more on yogurt.


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