Fast and Easy pâté of Cashews

pâté cashews vegano

With these ingredients and a beater you can make this pâté in a matter of minutes, with a little more water leaves an exquisite seasoning for salads, you decide.
This type of DIP or pâté is very helped when you look for something nutritious and easy that to put to him to a bread or to cracker that it is neither cheese nor ham. The fruits droughts are an excellent source of fiber, minerals, vitamins and protein. According to Ayurveda, if the cashews are taken in moderation are a good way to pacify to Dressing gown dosha since their main qualities are the warmth, slowness and are oily, especially recommendable properties during unstable and cold the autumn since they will balance the effects of this dry season, of fresh air.
As all the nuts, the cashews are difficult to digest, so better to take them always after soaking them, if it forgets to you to do you must it throw a little more of water even to obtain a pâté, it sees adding to the water little little and thus you do not end sauce when you looked for DIP. Mainly, you do not suffer: crushed and accompanied by ginger and juice of lemon as in this prescription, your bodies will assimilate this pâté of wonder cashews… but you always do not take it every day and in moderation so that your barriguitas are happy.

140 grs of crude cashews soaked 2 hours
1/2 lemon juice teaspoon
1 salt teaspoon
1 dice of fresh ginger of 1.25 cms in slices
1 chili green without seeds and picadito (optional)
up to 1/2 water cup
2 spoonfuls of pricked leaves of fresh coriander

It combines the cashews, the juice of lemon, salt, ginger, the coriander and chili optional with 1/8 of water cup in a beater or processor of foods. Bat until it is a homogenous mixture smooth, adds a little more water if you want that the final result is more liquid. When you secure the consistency that you look for, the plate is ready 😉

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  1. Almudena June 30, 2016 AT 10:54 p.m. - Reply

    Hello, this prescription enchants to me, but you do not say in what moment the coriander puts itself, I suppose that you add to together s the other ingredients to it

    • Sara July 12, 2016 AT 3:17 p.m. - Reply

      she is already corrected, pardon!

  2. To pound September 11, 2016 AT 2:00 p.m. - Reply

    I have so realised it what the prescription and I add to leaves of crude spinach very small bite to him, this of “the death?, best.

    • Sara September 27, 2016 AT 5:33 p.m. - Reply

      What rich To pound! good idea… I am going to prove it

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