Black salt

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Black, well-known salt in Hindi as Kala Namak or Sanchal Bes is volcanic rock a special salt type coming from India. It is of pink color and it tastes very sharp mineral to sulfide, of there his scent to cooked eggs.
Extraction of mines in the volcanic zones of Pakistan and India.
Black salt is used as condiment in the Indian kitchen, gives to its flavor unmistakable to some ensaladitas sharp calls ‘chaats’, also is used in chutneys, snacks, pickled, raitas (salads with yogurt) and many other salty subjects of gossip of India. Also it is used to give flavor to summery drinks as the Shikanji.

According to Ayurveda black salt has many therapeutic benefits since it has much iron, cures flatulence and the acidity.
In addition black salt and rock salt are more recommendable than other salt types because they do not increase the levels of sodium in the blood and therefore are advisable for people with high the sanguineous pressure. Black salt is in addition an important rejuvenecedor that it improves the digestion and the view.

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