Digestive infusion

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In Ayurveda the lukewarm water ingestion is recommended throughout the day since it avoids corporal cloggings, the digestion is made agile and everything what must move, follows its way. If it is to you

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Mustard seeds

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There are many varieties of mustard, but three of the most known are the tiny blacks (Brassica nigra), brown (juncea Brassica) and the yellows of the white Brassica. The Blacks and the brown ones warm up

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The fresh rhizome of the Turmeric is looked a little like gengibre fresh and is or yellow or red on the inside, in the kitchen and medicine the yellow is only used, is

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Cumin is a wonderful species and very versatile, I am not the unique one that thinks thus because it is the most popular condiment in the world after the black pepper. You will find its unmistakable aroma in

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Hing (Asafétida)

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Hing is an extended super species in the Indian kitchen, comes from the resin by the root of a type of giant fennel called asafoetida Splint, for that reason also it is known this species as

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