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Then this weekend has marked the beginning of my formal studies of the Ayurveda, yes, after almost 10 years reading and experimenting by my account… finally I have found a serious actual course that it adapts lifestyle and family. I am happy.

The first encounter in Ayurveda Andalusia with Manuel Domínguez Vilches has had much flesh… we have begun the way of which already it had a great impact on my personal life, and now surely will affect my professional facet. I will already be sharing my discoveries, because in addition to learning to make ayurvédicos treatments as the massage, we will deepen in the philosophy and way to understand the health that offers this millenarian science. I intuit by where it can take this course to me, but better not to go ahead.

By suddenly, announcement that Saturday 14 of November I will give a Course of Vegetarian Kitchen Ayurvédica for the Autumn, in a precious house of the Malagan field. You will learn to cook shining and healthy delights that will help you to spend the cold season, you will really see that eating well in autumn-winter you will have less allergies in spring and you will not take so many caught a cold influenzas and during the winter.

The assistants will cook with me, we will eat together what we will prepare, you will take a recipe book to house in addition to an autumnal spice pack. The cost will be of 35€ per person, if you come in pair you will pay 60€ and you take to a recipe book + spice pack by pair. Limited places. If you are interested you puncture here to contact with me through email.

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  1. Pink January 25, 2016 AT 9:26 p.m. - Reply

    I hope that you make another course as this or seemed. I have not arrived in time
    A greeting

    • Sara January 26, 2016 AT 3:52 p.m. - Reply

      Hello Pink,
      Thanks for your interest, I am preparing a factory on vegetal protein when it makes specific the date I warn to you.


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