Where guards your cucumbers?

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And the tomatos? … and the eggplants? To that everything to the refrigerator goes, possibly in a drawer with vegetable small drawings? I was myself once I thought that there was to put all the fruit and vegetable in the refrigerator, that the refrigeration does not change to the texture nor the flavor of foods, whom only prolongs his duration. Because it is that no! There is a site far better for all these delicacies.
The ideal site to keep these 3 summery vegetables is not the refrigerator but to room temperature where they will last more: as much the cucumber, the tomato and the eggplant are very sensible to the changes of temperature, especially to temperatures below 10ºC that can damage so much the texture as the flavor of your favorite ingredients. According to UC Davis if guards your eggplants to less than 5ºC during a period of long time, the pulp and the seeds will put themselves of brown color and they will leave those to him “pupitas? the cold in the skin. His it is to put them in a fresh place, in an earthen bowl with ventilation, nothing of plastic bags, without direct bonding with the sun and consúmelas about 3 days after harvesting them or buying them.
If you are of those people who derive great pleasure to nibble frozen cucumbers (she has of everything in this planet), I let to you put them in the refrigerator (in spite of the risk which you run of which she lowers the quality of your appraised cucumber), but than 3 days and never more better in the part nearest the door where it is less cold, and, by all means in any bookcase except the one of under the whole since in the bookcases of above the warmer temperatures they are something.
Another one tip to consider is that as much the eggplants as the cucumbers are very sensible to ethylene, a natural gas that causes that certain foods mature (and they spoil) faster, so in addition to putting cucumbers and the eggplants in the worktop, moves away them of bananas, melons and tomatos because all of them produce much ethylene.
The king of the summer, the tomato, needs his own parrafito, because if you dream about a substantial tomato but about firm texture, that is in its point of maturity and to room temperature, as if you finished it taking of the bush, he has to pay attention to the following thing:
When putting the tomatos in the refrigerator the maturation process interrupts, so their delicious flavors either do not finish developing, the cold causes that you lose juiciness and the texture becomes drier and mealy (if you were born before the 90 you remember those wonderful years when all the tomatos of Spain and olé were of supreme quality, did not exist chungos tomatos, it right of perpetual ownership). So it happens of the refrigerator and it looks for a fresh place for these jewels of the summer and, as they are delicate, ponlos in row (without piling up those that do not squash some to others). If you have mature tomatos already and/or long ago heat in your zone, and you are not going to eat them until within 3 days, you can put them in the refrigerator (following the same neverísticos advice that we have seen for cucumbers) so that they do not rot to you before enjoying them.
Finally, if what you have in hand they are tomatos that or have happened through some refrigerator chamber, before eating them, leaves them in the worktop during one hour or thus to revive them and that its flavor is looked the more like its natural state.
It follows these consejitos of foodie and your quality of life will increase, I assure it to you, the flavor of European the pre-Community tomatos will return to your table.

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