Delicious vegetarian prescriptions and veganas of all parts of the world, explained from the point of view of the millenarian medical science of called India Ayurveda.

Elixir golden for the well-being

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With a name thus who is not going away to make this drink at home? The good thing is that of marketing nothing because really works: if you drink this infusion even fries you are going away to move away of

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Inmunizante soup

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This soup has as it bases a good dose of white pepper (it itches more than the black since the skin has cleared him) but also you will feel the shocks of shredded fresh ginger, - taken well it warms up

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Salad of Buds of Soybean

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The ideal is to germinate the green soybean or lentils only enough mung, that only shows the buds because thus they maintain the flavor astringent and they will follow crisp. When you leave buds grow them more,

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Capuccino de Moringa

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This prescription takes ingredients that complement the natural flavor and the qualities of moringa. It is an alternative energetics to the capuccinos with caffein, as which they use espresso or green tea or black tea.

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Smoothie de Piña

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The spring marks the beginning of a new cycle and in addition it is the moment for loosen accumulated energy during the winter. Now the seeds of your health for the coming year stand:

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Apple Cooked with Nail

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I present a new concept to you for your mañanera routine, neither coffee, nor green milkshake nor lukewarm water with lemon. No, something more novel: a cooked apple. At the most near the moment for rising to you

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Sauce of Red Peppers

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You can begin with red and hormearlos peppers or cook them to untimed fire in a frying pan. If you have haste also is well with peppers of piquillo in conserve. There are variations on this subject in several cultures

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Pilaf de Quinoa

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Quinoa contributes protein, it does not have gluten and it is of the few vegetal foods that contain the 9 essential amino acids, in addition is a good source of fiber, magnesium, potassium, calcium, vitamins B, phosphorus and antioxidants.

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Bombay Bataka Curry of Tomato, Tamarind and Potato

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This is not a simple potato curry with tomato, no, the tamarind and garam masala turn it into an exotic and delicious delicacy. You can eliminate chili ignites to fear to you,

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Stuffed dates to the Cardamom

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These stuffed dates are perfect to replace energy after making exercise, to dance as a crazy person or when you feel that you need it shoots of healthy force. They put the Earth feet to you,

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