Tarka Dal

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This it is a plate comforting, nutritious and easy to digest. I always say in my factories of kitchen that if there is a plate that the assistants would have to incorporate to their weekly menus, this one is: you can prepare in plan soup with more liquid, or thicker with less water, you can add the vegetables to him that you want and if it takings with rice, is a complete food.
it enchants to me to take it when I am saturated (of abundant or too heavy meals), when I want to land after a trip or intense events, if I am rotten or simply I want to give him to a rest body. Vegana of the chicken soup of the grandmother of always is the version, the first spoonful fixes all the problems of the world and it caresses to you by inside really.
The lentil mung is the dal (vegetable) more popular of the North of India, is very easy to digest, knows well and has a high vitamin content. The fried lightly spices (tarka) that we threw at the end of the baking deliciously increase the flavor of this preparation, you can add the vegetables that you want after frying spices to obtain a more nutritious plate.

 In Spain is known this vegetable as Green Soybean, you can buy it ecological in herbalists and bioshops but Mercacaca sells it in conventional version in the corridor of vegetables. The version that we used in this prescription is yellow because she is bare and game, making it thus much more easy assimilate for the body, these I buy them in grocery stores of India. If you put the green ones to soaking few days they begin to loosen the rind and you do not have more to rub them a little so that they loosen to washed them.
Here you have another soup that prepares with the lentil mung completes/green soybean and finally the plate stars of the ayurvédica medicinal feeding: kichadi.

It serves as 4 to 6 people
145 grs mung dal bare and party 

1.5 liters of water

 1 teaspoon of turmeric 

3 nosey spoonfuls of vegetal oil 

1 taza/240 ml of rabanitos in fine rodajitas 

1-2 chilis red droughts cut in small pieces 

1 spoonful and 1/2 (7ml) of grain cumins

 1/4 teaspoon (1ml) of asafétida (hing) 

1 salt teaspoon 

3 spoonfuls (45 ml) of picadito parsley or cut coriander 


 Lava the dal: pon the dal in a strainer and mételo in an almost full water earthen bowl.
It rubs the dal between the fingers about 30 seconds, it removes the strainer it throws the water and it repeats the process 3 or 4 times or until the water is transparent.

 Combina mung, the water, the turmeric and 1 nosey spoonful (15ml) of the oil in a heavy basic high fire pot.
When it boils, low to low fire and 3∫5 cooks it some minutes or until the dal tender and is completely cooked.

 Prepara tarka: It warms up the other 2 nosey spoonfuls (30 ml) of oil in an average fire frying pan, when he is hot, throws chilis and grain cumins until a pair of tones is darkened, it raises the frying pan, it throws the asafétida one, it turns the frying pan and it adds the vegetable now if you are going to lie down it. Only it is necessary that takes a little the flavor of spices since more when adding it to the rest of the stew will cook.
When the vegetable is covered of spices, throws it everything to the pot with the dal, returns to cover it and leaves condiments them impregnate the stew during a pair of minutes.
It adds salt and the fresh grass bites, toss around and serve.

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