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The light foods are the antithesis of the slowness of Kapha, you will know if a food is light simply by its weight and its density, for example vegetables and the fruit generally light, so you can begin to construct to your diet around a high proportion of fruit of season and vegetable, preferably is cooked.
Approximately, the too heavy foods for Kapha are the cured cheeses, the desserts, the nuts, the pasties, almost all the flours, the bread, grazes, the red meat and the frying that in addition is too oily for Kapha.
To eat too much in a sitting also entails slowness, so nothing of gluttony, the rule to follow is to fill the stomach with 1/3 of food, 1/3 of 1/3 liquid and to let emptiness to secure a good digestion.
The heavy meals and the foods very process also aggravate the slowness of Kapha, so better to avoid them also.

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    Their notes seem to me very interesting and I want to make a change in my feeding. Many grace. Greetings

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