Solutions for the swelling

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Test the following remedies if you have gases and you are [email protected]:

  • It chews some fennel seeds or you be done an infusion of fennel with mint and drinks it to you to sorbitos while he is hot. A teaspoon of squashed seeds of fennel to a water cup prepares the infusion adding in a dipper, ignites the fire and leaves boils, extinguishes the fire, adds to leaves of mint and pon the cover to the dipper. Strain it and take it after about 10 minutes you. You can take 2 or 3 cups to the day.
  • A good alternative if you do not have fennel, is a mint infusion. Another very effective drink is this digestive infusion.
  • It deeply breathes from the belly during about 5 minutes.
  • Fall down to you on the left side and breathe deeply.
  • It dates a stroll from half an hour to fast rate, will accelerate the circulation of the blood and your heart rate having helped to loosen gases you.
  • You do the called position of yoga Balasana, is very easy and relaxing.
  • It dates a massage in the sense from the needles of the clock in the lower abdomen, to about three fingers underneath your navel, if you can uses cured sesame oil lukewarm or any other oil without chemical additives.
  • It as far as possible reduces the ingestion of stimulating as caffein and the theine, alters dressing gown.
  • It avoids carbonated drinks.
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