Stop Gases! 15 advice to prevent the swelling

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To many women the belly is swollen to us and we have the sensation to take a globe in the stomach… happens almost always when you are going to leave and you are wanted to put a fit modelito: nothing is fun. This swelling is due almost always to bad habits at the time of eating, is easier to prevent the swelling that to solve it when already we are with the ball in the belly, I assure to you that following the advice of this article you will eliminate the complex globe, at the outset you will have to follow them more exactly, but with time, when it improves your digestion, you will be able to be relaxed more.
It begins to give its due importance him to the act of eating: for, concentrate to you in which you are doing, it chews well, you do not see the TV nor you are in the computer, talks the minimum (in serious) Already you know that ayurvédica science is very sensible, incorporates these advice to your rate, if estresa you to do some of these things, leaves it until it leaves to you with naturalness. We go to the mess:

  • It only eats when you are hungry really (nothing to peck).
  • Assure to you to have digested the previous food before seating to you to eat again or to take snack you, this means to leave some 3 hours between food and food.
  • When commas, chew well and you do not speak while you chew that our mothers told us of “is not spoken with the full mouth? has their therapeutic background 😉
  • It follows these advice for the correct food combination.
  • Noncommas dessert fruit: it will form gases in your stomach and you will swell yourself.
  • It chews a rodajita of gengibre with some drops of lemon juice or files about 20 minutes before eating.
  • When you cook, it uses species that stimulate the digestion as the black pepper, genjibre, the asafétida one.
  • Taking probiotic often, mainly if you have had to take antibiotics lately.
  • Quick attention to how your belly reacts after taking wheat (bread, grazes, etc.) or milky (milk, yogurt, cheese…)perhaps, you must reduce to its ingestion a time until you fortify your digestion.
  • You do not drink cold drinks while you eat.
  • It tries not to drink anything during the 30 minutes after eating since it will dilute the gastric juice and it will be more difficult to digest well what you have eaten.
  • It reduces the salt ingestion, the best way to take this step is to cook you to you your meals and not to throw of tins, frozen and precooked others that come loaded from salt and preservatives.
  • It begins to take triphala regularly, this combination of grass treats all the digestive tract, the best thing is to take it in dust in an infusion with honey at the time of lying down, the flavor is a little intense at the outset, but it is absorbed better. Also there are capsules and tablets that act their as and are taken more easily.
  • It incorporates the aromatherapy in your life: if you are [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected] is more probable that you swell yourself, some droplets of essential oil of orange, rose, cinnamon or basil will help you since surely you have imbalance in Dressing gown dosha.
  • These Kriyas learns that is super effective for all type of digestive disorders: Agnisar Kriya and Nauli Kriya. It tries to do them in uninformed: the day with a glass of water temperate with lemon juice begins, later beams kriyas and when you finish you have breakfast, you will see as in addition to solving the swelling the abdominal ones are toned to you.
  • Tips also reads these to alleviate to you if you are already [email protected].

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