Tabulé de Quinoa

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Tabulé or tabbouleh, writes it as you want, is a ensaladita coming from the Middle East although or it has global presence, nowadays you find it you in menus by everybody, although the European version in which bulgur or cous predominates little cous has to do with its original version that it is rather a salad of parsley with a toquecito of bulgur to give body him. Yes, already I see your chromium face, and perhaps it is in agreement with you in which a salad in which the main ingredient is parsley also is an intense bit to me. Today I share with you another variation, since I replace bulgur of wheat by quinoa, much more slight and proteinic that the cereal of the original version and in addition this seed (no, quinoa is not a cereal) is good for the three doshas. It raises quinoa now is cultivated in Spain, thus its crazy price has become more reasonable.
This type of salad that contains a cereal, in this case, pseudo-cereal, or vegetable enchants to me when it is warm but it is necessary to feed itself well.
Prove it and you tell me.

340 grs of quinoa
3 ½ water cups
2 salt teaspoons
½ of asafétida teaspoon of
½ of lemon juice cup
¼ of olive oil cup
½ of teaspoon of black pepper
1 cup of picadito parsley
2 nosey spoonfuls of perforated mint
¾ of cucumber cup in small cubes
½ of cup of tomato in small cubes

It washes quinoa under a cold water spurt in a great strainer of small holes until the water leaves transparency. Good quinoa slips.

Pon the salt water and teaspoon in a great dipper of 2 liters of capacity until it boils. It adds quinoa, when the water returns to boil under fire and leaves boils to low fire with the cover put between ten and fifteen minutes or until quinoa is done, this note in which the white spiral separates of the rest of the grain.

It removes from the dipper and it leaves to quinoa 10 minutes to that the grains are put firm.

Pon quinoa on a plate to that it cools off absolutely, combines it with the asafétida one, the juice of lemon and the olive oil in addition to the rest of salt, the black pepper, the parsley and the mint in a great salad bowl.

It adds to the cucumber and the tomato and mixes so that all the ingredients are combined well.

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