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  Just homemade yogurt is an important food in Ayurveda since it is easier to digest than the product commercialized in supermarkets. Those of my villa you will remember the normal thing that it was

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Age of allergies: (

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According to Ayurveda the spring is Kapha season, Kapha means literally “that it sticks?. It is a muddy time, of much mud and rain where the Earth is being taken hold to the water as answer to a long winter

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Kapha season

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All Posts Hay three Ayurvédicas seasons that correspond with the three doshas: Dressing gown, Pitta and Kapha. These seasons agree with changes in the climate instead of with the lunar cycles, each change of

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Season Dressing gown: Mantén the balance

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One of the best ways to maintain well-balanced dressing gown is with a daily routine, tries more or less to do the same things (to wake up to you, to make exercise, to eat, to lay down to you, etc.) to the same hour every day. It creates

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Rutina Otoñal

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Ayurveda considers that to have a specific routine for each station of year one of the pillars of the health since some upheavals brought about by the changes in the climate can be balanced with small

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Cosmetic Natural

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Here a brief article on cosmetic natural that I wrote 4 years ago for the Malagan magazine the Spark, already I will give the ayurvédica perspective soon now that is more interest on the subject. This

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The summer in your body

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When we thought about the summer, we thought about which it happens in our surroundings: longer days, the sun warming up the Earth, the sea calling to you to that you bathe and warm breezes. But how it is pronounced

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Cleaning of language

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Jihwa Prakshalana is a Ayurvédico ritual translated as “scraped of language?, this oral cleaning eliminates bacteria, rest of food, fungi, toxins and died cells of the surface dela language. While you sleep, your digestive system follows

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Spring purification II

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This process is a variation of purvakarma, a traditional practice whose objective is to balance the 3 doshas in addition to reducing to the stress and the agitation of your body and mind. It tries to maintain the rate of

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Digestive infusion

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In Ayurveda the lukewarm water ingestion is recommended throughout the day since it avoids corporal cloggings, the digestion is made agile and everything what must move, follows its way. If it is to you

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