Fresh lumpias

Fresh spring rolls

The healthy, fresh and crisp version of famous fried rolls of spring… I discovered them in a Thailander restaurant in Berkeley (California) thousand years ago, we requested them of 10 in 10 and we crammed down them to us with the great rejoicing. When returning to Spain, it gave great satisfaction me to be able to buy the key ingredient, the capsules of rice paper, in the supermarkets of Eastern food… and soon the filling more or less than it desires that day to me, is necessary to throw imagination to him! Those of the restaurant that one always took to finite noodles of rice, minced coriander, verduritas cut in fine canes and another cooked vegetable. To part uses a salsita to grease, I usually prepares one of peanut that is another flavor that I associate with Thailand. But I have seen stuffed rollitos only of salad, without noodles nor nothing cooked, and other that take the decorated ingredients, tofu and marrow to the plate for example, perfect for trips in which you cannot take troublesome sauces.

By the ayurvédico side, it tries that the ingredients of your filling are compatible, I have chosen for this reason to put only crude small things in this prescription since it is recommended to eat the crude thing only or at least before eating something cooked, in Ayurveda, the crude part of a food always is proportionally smaller than the one of the cooked food since it is considered difficult to digest. These rollitos take basil and mint, these fresh grass will help us to make a good digestion. You do not forget that you are what you digest ()

These rollitos are easy to prepare, they are going to you to like if it desires an exotic small cover to you and fritanga is fun not anything to you. It was happened to me to prepare them for a birthday, and after enrrollar 100 rollitos they spent several years until I returned them to do. I suppose that the lesson is the moderation here 😉


1 cucumber cut in canes
1 carrot cut in Julian
10 leaves of lettuce (leaf of oak or the one that you like more)
2 cut medium avocados in fine strips
3/4 of cup of picaditas leaves of basil
1/2 cup of picadita mint
1/3 cup of coriander leaves
Some 10 capsules of rice paper (following how much stuffed you throw in each)
An earthen bowl with hot water to soak the capsules

They are coiled one by one:
It soaks the lukewarm water capsule 3 seconds, by hard that seem you do not soak it more time since it continues absorbing the water while you happen to the following step.
Pon the capsule on rag of a humid and clean kitchen.
It places the leaf of lettuce, a little cucumber, carrot, avocado and the fresh grass in center of the capsule.
It doubles to the part inferior and superior of the capsule on the filling.
It doubles the left side and soon the right on the filling and thus is closed the rollito.
It repeats until the ingredients finish. First it will leave worse but already you will be to him pillaging the trick with the practice.
When finishing cover them with the humid rag until the moment for serving.

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