Delicious vegetarian prescriptions and veganas of all parts of the world, explained from the point of view of the millenarian medical science of called India Ayurveda.

Truffles of Carob bean, the Coco and Cacahuete

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These truffles always are much successful, the wonderful thing is that they are easy to prepare and healthier that other desserts. I must say that it leaves from the magic is in doing you yourself the cream of

Truffles of Carob bean, the Coco and Cacahuete2019-03-06T13: 23:45+00:00

Cauliflower Korma style

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The style “Korma? is of Mogol influence, that is to say that is a fusion of the Turk-Persian kitchen with the one of India, nowadays many typical plates of the North of the country are influenced by

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Cream of Sweet potato with Almonds to the Tamari

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The magic of this cream of sweet potato is in the resistance between the sweet flavor of the main ingredient and the spices that give a warm dimension him to this cremita. This plate is nutritious in

Cream of Sweet potato with Almonds to the Tamari2019-03-06T13: 26:33+00:00

Tarka Dal

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This it is a plate comforting, nutritious and easy to digest. I always say in my factories of kitchen that if there is a plate that the assistants would have to incorporate to their weekly menus, this one is: you can

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Fried rice Eastern

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When rice has exceeded you or it desires to give an Asian touch to you to your food, you do rice others and you will be able to prepare this plate to you of Eastern flavor. Fundamental to never fry the rice when he is hot

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Tabulé de Quinoa

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Tabulé or tabbouleh, writes it as you want, is a ensaladita coming from the Middle East although already it has global presence, nowadays you find it you in menus by everybody, although the European version

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Perfect Basmati rice

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More than a prescription I leave some advice you so that your rice basmati leaves to you always sueltito: • I always wash this long extra rice of India and Pakista?n in water fri?a, asi? we cleared to him

Perfect Basmati rice2018-07-15T22: 56:54+00:00

Tostaditas crisp of Polenta

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Itself extending my cereal repertoire, daring to me with new things in novel formats with the hope of which all the family welcomes my discoveries with rejoicing. Polenta eats much in the north of

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Chai Celestial de Cúrcuma Fresca

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The Ayurveda, that can be translated of life as science, studies our health in relation to the elements and the cyclical rates of the Earth (the stations, the lunar cycles…) According to the Ayurveda

Chai Celestial de Cúrcuma Fresca2018-10-29T16: 20:31+00:00

Beaten of Sunflower seed Suff

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This drink is nutritious, refreshing and it fills to you, in Ethiopia it is consumed during the periods of fasting because she is full of protein, fiber, minerals as zinc and magnesium and a good amount of

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