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On Ayurveda

Millenarian science Health and Nutrition

When I discovered the Ayurveda in a year 2006, the truth is that nobody spoke of this millenarian science in the West, nevertheless with the passage of the years has been settled in the day to day of many of us thanks to the stability that offers its intimate intuitive approach of life and.
We live in frenetic times, running of a side for another one, always with some electronic device in the hand. To do and to be occupied are our modus operandi by defect and nevertheless, our real essence is stunned and left.

Ayurveda responds to that necessity to reconnect with we ourself at a deep level.

Ayurveda is a millenarian medical science of the India that considers the feeding and the lifestyle that we took as the essential keys of the health and the well-being of each of us.

With an integral approach that it considers to the person in his totality and all the aspects of our lives which they influence our health, Ayurveda considers that to follow an adapted diet the constitution of each it is the key of the well-being.

Unlike the western perspective that considers certain healthy foods for all we, Ayurveda offers an exposition logical to find the most advisable diet for each individual following its constitution.

Ayurvédicas prescriptions

Through these prescriptions based on ayurveda, my classes of kitchen and the AyurvedaLife course you will have a new perspective exceeds how to be healthy.

Ayurveda = Radiating Health

Here you have an introductory chat to the Ayurveda that dí in the Festival of Naturopatía that was celebrated in Fuengirola in February, 2018. The Ayurveda is the key to

Ayurvédica diet for January

The characteristics of the month of January, do it a perfect month for the rest, the contemplation and the reflection, is the ideal moment to close the previous year

Chai Celestial de Cúrcuma Fresca

The Ayurveda, that can be translated of life as science, studies our health in relation to the elements and the cyclical rates of the Earth (

Ponte to point for the Autumn

A Guía Ayurvédica to pass the station dressing gown calmly and balance the autumn is a transition station, the trees and shrubs undress quiet preparing itself stops

Activated almonds and Cashews

The almonds and the cashews activated after being to soaking consider rejuvenecedores foods in the Ayurveda. The activated almonds are very nutritious, they give to energy and you to you

AyurvedaLife course

It connects with same you



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