Carrots with lemon and honey

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This plate is easy to prepare, rich to the light palate and to digest perfect if you want that your digestive system rests and to help him to your body in its task of chemical decontamination. The flavor dulzón of the cooked carrot balances very well with the touch of fresh ginger and the lemon that takes the dressing, you are not scared to throw a small branch of thyme at the end of the baking of the carrots then also he is pungent and it will deepen the digestive effect of ginger. You knew that the nutrients of the carrot are concentrated in the skin or right under her? Better to choose always carrots saw for being able to eat them to you without peeling.


A handful of carrots saw cleanings
2 cms of shredded fresh ginger
1 nosey spoonful of honey
1/2 lemon
A salt pinch


Pon the carrots in a vaporera until they are tender.
While the carrots cook, you do the juice of lemon and adds a little the grating to the juice.
It mixes shredded ginger, the mie and salt with the juice of lemon and its grating.
It serves the carrots with its dressing and enjoys!

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