Just homemade yogurt is an important food in Ayurveda since it is easier to digest than the product commercialized in supermarkets. Those of my villa you will remember the normal thing that it was to have a yogurtera in the Spanish kitchens at the end of the 70, is hour to rescue that moral convention, you will notice the difference in the quality of the end item and your intestine will thank for it.
Yogurt is a fascinating food and useful, of there their use in the kitchens of the entire world, generally adding bacterial cultures to ecological milk of high quality open a fan of very digestive products and great nutritional value (in addition to yogurt he is buttermilk and certain fresh cheeses). Often people who yes have problems with the digestion of milk can take without any trouble milky with bacterial cultures.

Calm the digestive system as much in cases of slight diarrhoea as mobilizing a constipating intestine if you add to warm species as the pepper or gengibre to him. The frequent use of yogurt will alleviate the chronic swelling and it will give back to the colon a healthy bacterial balance to him. Its action is initially the one to cool the metabolism, but in the long run it warms up the body. As far as qualities and flavor, he is heavy, humid, acid and astringent, is recommended not to take at night, although lassi is an exception, is one that indeed takes this drink from yogurt with each food by its digestive advantages.

Especially Dressing gown is adapted for the constitution people who can take it in abundance. The people of Pitta constitution must have a bit of well-taken care of when preparing it not to be unbalanced since he is too acid and warm to only eat it. The best thing is to dilute it in water in equal amounts and to add to him to a little juice of lemon and dust coriander, to throw a pinch to him of turmeric, or to sweeten it with sirope of maple. To the Kapha it agrees to them to take diluted sauce yogurt or, cooked in a sweetened curry or and as drink.  The honey, the cinnamon, gengibre, the black pepper and the cardamom are especially appropriate condiments so that a Kapha assimilates yogurt well. The honey increases to the qualities astringents of yogurt whereas the species harness the digestive capacity of a Kapha metabolism.

To make yogurt at home is easy and requires just a short time active in the kitchen, you have a prescription here.


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