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According to Ayurveda the spring is Kapha season, Kapha means literally “that it sticks?. It is a muddy time, of much mud and rain where the Earth is being taken hold to the water as answer to a long dry winter.

The body also retains water during the spring causing a congestion of the mucous membranes that cover the respiratory tract and digestive. After a long dry winter, these mucous membranes are in their point to produce an excess of reactive snot during the spring.

Often the measurement in which one is dried during the winter, is the measurement in which our body produces snot as reaction in spring. As antidote, the nature provides a harvest with low fat foods that do not congest the body. If you lived on the Earth, you would fill your plate by the bitter roots, green leaves and berries that grow at this time of the year.

Here there are some suggestions to smooth out the time of the allergies:

1. It avoids foods that they congest: Carbohydrates refinings as the wheat, milky of industrial origin, the refined sugar and high fat foods.
2. Full 2/3 of your green vegetable plate in each food.
3. Rest of your plate between protein and a healthy carbohydrate divides to the 1/3.
4. It drinks between 6-8 glasses of water to the day.
5. It drinks sorbitos of hot water throughout the day during the spring.
6. Vitamin C blocks the liberation of histamine in inflamed cells so it takes many rich vitamin foods C:


7. Tomato an infusion by root of lion tooth: between 2 and 3 cups to the day during the time of allergies.
8. It contemplates the possibility of making a spring limpeza you to eliminate the winter excesses.



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