Spring purification I

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The spring is season of celebration and their qualities are the warmth, the humidity and the smoothness. That warmth that also melts the accumulated snow and ice causes that accumulated kapha in ours

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Ayurveda: Introduction III

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The life presents type to us of challenges and opportunities yet and although there are many aspects on which we have little or no control, yes we can determine our diet and lifestyle. In order to maintain

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The subject of the protein Dal

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    The predominantly carnivorous diet is a recent phenomenon that has scattered as a result of the reduction in price of the meat production and the increase of the purchasing power in the West. If we looked at the history of

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Cumin is a wonderful species and very versatile, I am not the unique one that thinks thus because it is the most popular condiment in the world after the black pepper. You will find its unmistakable aroma in

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Warmth during the Winter

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The practice of abhyangam, a massage with lukewarm oil, is the perfect treatment to alleviate the altered dressing gown. As part of the daily routine, traditionally it is made in the morning, before the bathroom and is

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Ayurveda: Basic introduction II

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To balance the three main energies of the Ayurveda body identifies 3 basic types of energy who are present in all and everything, to not having an equivalence of these concepts in Castilian, we used the terms

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Ayurveda: Basic introduction I

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In Ayurveda sanskrit it has been meaning “science of life? and has its origin for more than 5000 years in the Indian subcontinent, comprises of the millenarian Vedaic culture and during long time it was transmitted

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It improves your digestion

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Or we have spoken of the importance of the digestion of foods in ayurvédica science, and if notes that yours are heavy or slow you will know the discomfort that is to feel swollen after

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Food combination

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Ayurveda is a millenarian medical science with an integral approach envelope how of maintaining the intact health and of preventing diseases. It determines the correct diet for each individual following the balance between the elements that compose

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