Caldito to clear

Decongestant broth, soup beet, carrot, celery, parsley, thyme, kombu, caught a cold soup

With the spring instability, a day you are in short sleeve and to the following one with the umbrella: it is easy to take cold.
Or perhaps the congestion comes from which we are in the season in which the body is useful to purify itself, loosen to the winter accumulations… whatever cause of your snots, this caldito will help him to your body in its process.
All the ingredients have between their properties the purification, all contribute nutrients valuable to give to your body the empujoncito that needs. The humble parsley fortifies the immune system and is a powerful diuretic that helps to remove the excesses of liquid of the body. We already know all the cash that is the thyme in cough problems, the beet we used it with stem and leaves because the whole plant has multiple nutritious properties, the leaves have more iron than the spinach.
I am going to right now prepare a dipper to me, is one that he prefers to boil vegetables and he already is, but I skip them at the outset a little for two reasons: so that the species loosen their properties and because it improves the flavor: to eat something with satisfaction sensation always is going to benefit more to your body than to take it to the force in plan medicine.

1/2 teaspoon of ghee or vegetal oil
1/2 cumin teaspoon
6 cut stems of celery in small pieces
1 handful of beets cut in small pieces
2 beets with stem and leaves in slices and small pieces
3 carrots cut in small pieces
1 handful of perforated parsley
1 handful of picadito thyme
4 centimeters by root of shredded fresh ginger
An alga small piece kombu
Water until covering all the ingredients

Pon a great dipper to average fire with ghee or the oil, throws cumin and when it loosen his aroma it lowers the fire and it adds shredded ginger, it waits for a minute or two from time to time removing.
It adds vegetables in the order of the list of ingredients.
It removes so that the oil and the species are covered with.
It adds to the water and kombu, it covers the dipper and it raises the fire stop until it begins to boil, low the fire and cooks it everything until the vegetables are tender.

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  1. Ana Maria May 25, 2015 AT 8:03 p.m. - Reply

    That so rich small things you have done, and that easy. Bueno mme
    it comes phenomenal, and you can send all the prescriptions to me that
    you want, I am beginning with the diet ayurveda, and am
    a little lost.

    Graciasy a hug,
    Ana Maria

  2. Lola March 29, 2017 AT 12:14 p.m. - Reply

    It is impressive east broth. There am it probadoy I recommend it. I only have a doubt, once it has finished it cooking the vegetables, that beams with them. you crush them and you add them to the broth or you recycle them and you only take the broth?
    Grcias and you shipment a peace hug.

    • Sara April 14, 2017 AT 8:44 p.m. - Reply

      As you prefer Lola, I as everything, that the vegetables contribute fiber although vitamins are in the broth.

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