Delicious vegetarian prescriptions and veganas of all parts of the world, explained from the point of view of the millenarian medical science of called India Ayurveda.

Fast and Easy pâté of Cashews

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With these ingredients and a beater you can make this pâté in a matter of minutes, with a little more water leaves an exquisite seasoning for salads, you decide. This type of DIP or pâté is

Fast and Easy pâté of Cashews2018-10-29T16: 20:51+00:00

Potatoes to the Bengal

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These delicious patatitas of crisp texture take to us to explore several levels of subtle flavors. You are not scared by the long list of ingredients, the magic of the plate is indeed in the spice combination

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Pesto of fresh grass to the lemon

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Taking advantage of the last leaves basil before the cold takes them! Pesto is surprising easy to prepare while you respect the proportions between fruits droughts, fresh small leaves and olive oil… when

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Delight of Amaranth, calentito breakfast

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I am extending my cooking repertoire, I want to break some routines of my kitchen so I am trying to incorporate new ingredients in the familiar menu with the purpose of to find more nutrients in new sites. The amaranth,

Delight of Amaranth, calentito breakfast2018-11-29T17: 44:55+00:00

Fresh lumpias

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The healthy, fresh and crisp version of famous fried rolls of spring… I discovered them in a Thailander restaurant in Berkeley (California) thousand years ago, we requested them of 10 in 10 and we crammed down them to us with

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Refreshment of Ginger, Basil and Lima

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Here you have the antidote to the mental slowness that gives these summery days of soporific heat. Ginger and Lima will stimulate it to your whole body and, you create it to you or no, you will return to feel

Refreshment of Ginger, Basil and Lima2018-10-29T16: 22:13+00:00

Cucumber refreshment

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Cucumber refreshment, prescribes anti heat I recognize that in addition to looking for drinks anti heat, I need to find exit to our abundant cucumber harvest… years ago the cucumbers of the orchard left to us bad: yellowish,

Cucumber refreshment2018-10-29T16: 22:23+00:00

Activated almonds and Cashews

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The almonds and the cashews activated after being to soaking consider rejuvenecedores foods in the Ayurveda. The activated almonds are very nutritious, they give energy you and they put the feet to you on the Earth. When

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Caldito to clear

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With the spring instability, a day you are in short sleeve and to the following one with the umbrella: it is easy to take cold. Or perhaps the congestion comes from which we are in the season in which

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