Delicious vegetarian prescriptions and veganas of all parts of the world, explained from the point of view of the millenarian medical science of called India Ayurveda.

Spring soup of Peas and Rice to the Lemon

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In spite of the ascent of temperatures, still there are spring nights in which what it desires more it is to have dinner one sopita hot, and this one is good showcase of the peas that leave in this

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Verduritas skipped to the wok

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And so I like the Asian flavors, she surprises to me that more prescriptions of this type have not put you. When I skip verduritas and I serve them with wheat or rice noodles

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Truffles of Gokulada Carob bean

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These truffles are going to you to enchant, and above they are rapidísimas to very do, perfect for those gluttonous attacks in the afternoon and resultonas as gift to dear people;) I have been reducing the amount of

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Chai Masala

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  The word masala means mixture of species, in this case the combination is to give to your tea (chai) or infusion a warm and exotic touch. My Gopi friend says that her infallible trick

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Protector of throat of honey and ginger

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Here you have a traditional remedy for the pain throat, moqueo and the spring allergies. This combination of honey and spices is a fast and efficient way to reduce spring congestion: turmeric,

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Milk of Almonds

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There is thing no richer nor easy to do that the milk of almonds….if there are it been buying, it is hour to stop because a milk just done always is going to have many more nutrients than

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Bittersweet lemonade Shikanji

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One of the memories that better keep my taste buds from the last trip to India is lemonade that gave the mother us of our friend VK: for much heat to the north of Maharastra and

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Ginger Ale Casero

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One of the things that I am not going to forget this summer is the incessant refreshing drink search. I am very pregnant woman, the water suddenly does not satisfy me as always has done it thus

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Cream of Eggplant Babaganoush

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The secret of this Lebanese cremita is that the eggplants turren in the furnace giving him their unmistakable smoky flavor well. Perfect as small cover in summer, pitta or cut vegetables uses with bread as

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