3 tips not to become ill with the change of season

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We are in the transition between the summer and the autumn, Ritu Sandhi in sanskrit, the crucial moment to take care of your health. Now that we are entering season of Dressing gown dosha it is necessary to be introducing customs that incorporate the warmth to our routines and they help to maintain the feet us on the Earth….that autumnal cold wind wants to make the opposite and our task is to balance it with foods and opposite customs: if dressing gown is cold, we must eat hot, if dressing gown is dry, we we must stay hydrated well greasing to us with oil and taking greasy good.
During next the 2 weeks he tries to do the following thing, and you will see as DAS the welcome to the autumn with the open arms:
Taking average teaspoon of triphala dissolved in hot water before going to sleep, you will maintain good intestinal movement to you and he will give a good dose you of vitamin c
Abhyanga, the car massage with lukewarm oil will help you to sleep well, your joints will be happy and your calm mind.
Kichadi with extra coriander will help you to eliminate the summery excess of pitta and it will reinforce the digestive system to you facing the cold time.
These extra cares now will benefit throughout the autumn winter to you, is worth the trouble to spend a little additional time in pampering to you now.

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