Delicious vegetarian prescriptions and veganas of all parts of the world, explained from the point of view of the millenarian medical science of called India Ayurveda.

Hamburgers of Lentils and Peanut

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These hamburgers are filled with vegetal protein, are rich in hamburger bread, within one pitta or in plan combined plate. That yes, the secret of a great vegetal hamburger is in the dressings.

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Sauce of Yogurt

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This salsita is prepared fast and been good substitute to the mayonnaise as companion of salads or vegetal hamburgers. You can clear melted butter so that it is lighter, animates to you and do your own yogurt

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Beaten Ice cream of Watermelon

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It was happened to us to freeze a watermelon cut in small pieces because we went away of trip and we did not want to waste it… to the return to house the temperatures have raised so I have filled the beater with the watermelon

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Espaghetti de crude Calabacín with Basil

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Espaghetti had been years wanting to do these, there since some friendly taught to their cutter in spiral a sunny afternoon to me in Los Angeles by the 2005. Finally the marrows, the cutter joined themselves,

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Cucumber salad

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We have already spoken of the refreshing properties of the cucumber to the being so good to balance the excess of pitta would have to be protagonist forced of your refrigerator in summer. It will alleviate the thirst to you and it will improve your

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Raita of cucumber

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  Raita of cucumber, the Indian cousin of tsatsiki Greek or Persian mastajiar, calm Dressing gown and raises Pitta and Kapha slightly but all we can take it without danger from time to time some. It accompanies

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Homemade yogurt

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We rescue that one custom to make yogurt at home, it does not require long time and nevertheless the benefits of a just homemade yogurt are much majors that the one of its commercial equivalent that

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Spring salad with Strawberries

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Some it will surprise to them to throw strawberries to a salad, but I assure you that the result you will like and you will not be able to resist to from now on throw some strawberries to any salad. They are possible to be replaced

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Canary grass asparagus with Mustard and Tarragon

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We are in Kapha season, the humidity reigns in our surroundings and with the arrival of the spring the body begins to metabolizar accumulated fats during the winter. The ideal is to follow a diet of

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Vegetarian Moussaka

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This prescription is of the great vegetarian chef Kurma Dasa, expert in kitchen flavorful sátvica and super suckle-vegetarian. To this baked stew I to only have added some slices him of pure tomato superficially by aesthetic,

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