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Cookies of Butter

2018-10-29T16: 36:12+00:00

These ayurvédicas cakes are not nothing, but the prohibitions are not it either, while you do not allow too much and you eat the 24 cakes to you that only leave with this prescription you, does not pass anything to do them

Cookies of Butter2018-10-29T16: 36:12+00:00

Spring purification I

2018-05-21T07: 04:18+00:00

The spring is season of celebration and their qualities are the warmth, the humidity and the smoothness. That warmth that also melts the accumulated snow and ice causes that accumulated kapha in ours

Spring purification I2018-05-21T07: 04:18+00:00

Ayurveda: Introduction III

2012-08-31T19: 47:47+00:00

The life presents type to us of challenges and opportunities yet and although there are many aspects on which we have little or no control, yes we can determine our diet and lifestyle. In order to maintain

Ayurveda: Introduction III2012-08-31T19: 47:47+00:00

Princely couscous

2018-10-29T16: 36:21+00:00

  Couscous, grazes of granulated wheat original of the Maghreb, is good to balance dressing gown since the generally lubrica wheat, it gives energy, and it increases the physical force. If you have kapha unbalanced

Princely couscous2018-10-29T16: 36:21+00:00

Co-I milk. Who wants to only sleep?

2012-03-03T18: 29:44+00:00

The modern mother faces type of decisions yet and always there is an abundance of opinions on each step that takings as mother: the family, the friendly, the neighbors, experts on TV, forums

Co-I milk. Who wants to only sleep?2012-03-03T18: 29:44+00:00

Mustard seeds

2012-08-31T19: 48:28+00:00

There are many varieties of mustard, but three of the most known are the tiny blacks (Brassica nigra), brown (juncea Brassica) and the yellows of the white Brassica. The Blacks and the brown ones warm up

Mustard seeds2012-08-31T19: 48:28+00:00

Soup of green soybean (Jewish mungo) and tomato

2018-10-29T16: 36:31+00:00

The main ingredient of this soup commercializes in Spain as green soybean, also well-known as bean mungo or soybean mungo (Phaseolus aureous), really does not have anything to do with the family of the soybean

Soup of green soybean (Jewish mungo) and tomato2018-10-29T16: 36:31+00:00


2012-09-26T19: 56:26+00:00

The fresh rhizome of the Turmeric is looked a little like gengibre fresh and is or yellow or red on the inside, in the kitchen and medicine the yellow is only used, is

Turmeric2012-09-26T19: 56:26+00:00

The subject of the protein Dal

2018-05-21T07: 20:47+00:00

    The predominantly carnivorous diet is a recent phenomenon that has scattered as a result of the reduction in price of the meat production and the increase of the purchasing power in the West. If we looked at the history of

The subject of the protein Dal2018-05-21T07: 20:47+00:00

Magdalenas de Plátano (without egg)

2018-10-29T16: 36:43+00:00

These are my classic magdalenas, with which I have worn for the first time in the world of the bakery/pastry shop. They are easiest and fast to do, the best thing is than this prescription is a perfect starting point

Magdalenas de Plátano (without egg)2018-10-29T16: 36:43+00:00