Co-I milk. Who wants to only sleep?

Co I milkThe modern mother faces type of decisions yet and always there is an abundance of opinions on each step that takings as mother: the family, the friendly, the neighbors, experts on TV, forums in Internet and a pile of full books of recommendations exceed how to raise to your sprouts.

If you do not have children this of sleeping will sound to you to Chinese, but as soon as you wear for the first time yourself you will see that a great debate exists exceeds how to train the children rather so that they sleep, or that lets to you sleep all night without interruptions. The fact that nowadays the majority of the western mothers has a professional race outside the home is what it has intensified the debate, the women who mainly dedicate themselves to be mothers can bear the best fatigue, its routine consists of an intensity of another flavor and exists the possibility of taking advantage of the nap the child so that the mother also closes the eyes a rat.

There is one who it recommends to leave the baby who cries and cries until she only falls asleep, are many-colored techniques that describe with what frequency to enter the dormitory of the baby when it cries, how to act, to what it distances to be placed and others. The key is that the child falls asleep without the help of anybody by fear to that gets used to always falling asleep to the chest of the mother, or with somebody to his side and which he is always independent in dream subjects as rapidly as possible.

All this is a purely modern, western debate and of “developed? society outside Europe and the United States, that is to say in almost all the planet, the mothers and the parents they continue sleeping next to its babies since they have always done it. At some time of the capitalist development one began to especially at night give more importance to the economic solution of the family whom to the natural development of the dream of the children and its dependency of the affection and the security that it gives to have the parents it surrounds.

At the end of the 90, the Syndrome of the Sudden Death caused the financing of multiple scientific studies on Co-I milk that they have confirmed the advantages of the nocturnal raising. The mothers respond to a baby to their side before that to a baby in a cradle although is in its same room, also has been observed that the cycles of dream of mother and son coordinate so that the nocturnal takings are less traumatic for the mother, the babies with a high temperature in the skin even maintain an internal temperature more loss than the one of babies who sleep single.

Nowadays the medical profession has perhaps not changed of opinion radically on Co-I milk but at least they recognize that it is a valid and safe option. For some families Co-I milk is the problem and for others the solution, the essential is that there is tolerance between the families who use different strategies.

it seems that the key of the success at the time of adopting a position or another one is to knead it and to mold it until it works to you and to the needs of your family. There are many ways to share the dream with the children: with giant familiar beds, nocturnal changes of bed, parents who leave to other rooms, cradles that are reconciled to the double bed…

When the moment arrives, the children are going away to sleep to their own beds and the mothers and the parents will miss curling up themselves with their children.


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