Fried rice Eastern


When rice has exceeded you or it desires to give an Asian touch to you to your food, you do rice others and you will be able to prepare this plate to you of Eastern flavor.
Fundamental to never fry the rice when it is hot because one becomes puree and nothing is fun.
You can put the verduritas to him that desire to you and are of season, according to the time that you must to cut them, you can add many or few vegetables. I like that they follow crisp at the time of serving so that there is resistance with the rice. If also you add tofu to him signs, you have a complete plate.
Basmati is the king of the rice, in addition to aromatic, is appropriate for all the constitutions and it cooks in just a short time. Also I will say that there are better and worse qualities of this rice, I to you I would avoid the one of the supermarket, because usually is whitened and she is usually it is not loose, I it usually I buy in the grocery stores Hindu, is worth the trouble to buy a coat and to share it with friends, thus also you save money.

4 nosey spoonfuls of toasted sesame oil
1 teaspoon of shredded fresh ginger
1/2 asafétida teaspoon of
1/4 of cup of celery cut in fine slices
1/4 of cup cabbage cut in Julian
2 nosey spoonfuls of red peppers in daditos
1/4 of cup of peas cooked
1/4 of cup of soybean buds
1/4 of cup of tofu sign crumbled
3 nosey spoonfuls of sauce of soybean or tamari
1 salt teaspoon of the Himalayas
1/4 of teaspoon of ground black pepper
2 cups of cold rice basmati cooked completely


It warms up sesame oil in a wok to average temperature.
It skips the ginger shredded in the oil during a minute, adds the asafétida one and mixes it with ginger.
It raises the fire high temperature and adds to the celery and the cabbage and skips it a pair of minutes.
It adds the peppers, the peas, and the buds and skips them during a minute.
Now tofu, the soybean sauce throws also, salt and the pepper, skips a minute.
It adds the cold rice and combines it with vegetables until it is covered with vegetables and the condiments well.
It extinguishes the fire and serves it immediately.

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