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2012-01-15T18: 16:56+00:00

Cumin is a wonderful species and very versatile, I am not the unique one that thinks thus because it is the most popular condiment in the world after the black pepper. You will find its unmistakable aroma in

Cumin2012-01-15T18: 16:56+00:00

Warmth during the Winter

2016-02-26T08: 24:45+00:00

The practice of abhyangam, a massage with lukewarm oil, is the perfect treatment to alleviate the altered dressing gown. As part of the daily routine, traditionally it is made in the morning, before the bathroom and is

Warmth during the Winter2016-02-26T08: 24:45+00:00

Cream of Carrot and Ginger

2018-10-29T16: 36:51+00:00

Nothing better than one sopita when it is cold, this one of creamy consistency will warm up thanks to the double action of the carrots and ginger to you. The carrots are very good vitamin source To, one

Cream of Carrot and Ginger2018-10-29T16: 36:51+00:00

Rice with Milk

2012-04-07T13: 39:01+00:00

The rice with milk is a classic one in the world of desserts, this prescription comes from Orissa, a coastal state of the east of India, in particular of the kitchens of the Temple of Jaganatha,

Rice with Milk2012-04-07T13: 39:01+00:00

Hing (Asafétida)

2012-02-07T19: 56:23+00:00

Hing is an extended super species in the Indian kitchen, comes from the resin by the root of a type of giant fennel called asafoetida Splint, for that reason also it is known this species as

Hing (Asafétida)2012-02-07T19: 56:23+00:00


2018-10-29T16: 37:08+00:00

It walked with an excess of carrot in the refrigerator so in addition to carrot cake, I have made this plate where the aforeshelp one goes accompanied of bare lentils mung and games and buds of seeds

Mung-Methi-Carrot2018-10-29T16: 37:08+00:00

Rice to the Steam with Crisp Crust to the Persian style

2014-08-27T13: 24:01+00:00

“Tadig? is the Persian version of socarrat Levantine, but without wanting to offend to anybody, tadig takes the bottom of pot to another level: the companions at table always fight themselves by this crisp wonder that

Rice to the Steam with Crisp Crust to the Persian style2014-08-27T13: 24:01+00:00

Ayurveda: Basic introduction II

2011-07-14T17: 04:58+00:00

To balance the three main energies of the Ayurveda body identifies 3 basic types of energy who are present in all and everything, to not having an equivalence of these concepts in Castilian, we used the terms

Ayurveda: Basic introduction II2011-07-14T17: 04:58+00:00


2013-09-28T19: 45:19+00:00

There is no better way to fight calorazo summer that with homemade lemonade, in India calls Nimbu Pani and you will see it puestecillos selling this refreshing drink in each corner. This prescription

Lemonade2013-09-28T19: 45:19+00:00

Ayurveda: Basic introduction I

2011-07-05T16: 46:27+00:00

In Ayurveda sanskrit it has been meaning “science of life? and has its origin for more than 5000 years in the Indian subcontinent, comprises of the millenarian Vedaic culture and during long time it was transmitted

Ayurveda: Basic introduction I2011-07-05T16: 46:27+00:00