Perfect Basmati rice

perfect rice basmati

More than a prescription I leave some advice you so that your rice basmati leaves to you always sueltito:

• I always wash this long extra rice of India and Pakista?n in water fri?a, asi? we cleared almido?n to him and less sticks. I wash it 3 times, but you can follow until the water leaves transparency (it depends on the time and dedicacio?n that you feel).
• Normally soaking the rice as mi?nimo 10 minutes (never ma?s of 1 hour), this softens a little the rice grains and they cook ma?s ra?pido.
• I skip the rice in the pot before añadir boiling water to him.
• I put a cover covered by paño of kitchen to cover the pot in which I cook the rice and asi? does not escape the steam of coccio?n.

It follows these steps:

• 2 cups of rice basmati
• 3 boiling water cups (750 ml) •1 nosey spoonful of oil
• 1 salt teaspoon
They leave 5 cups cooked rice

It washes to the rice 3 times or until the water leaves (almost) it is transparent.
The rice slips.
It soaks the rice (optional) ponie?ndolo in an earthen bowl with water fri?a, with 10 minutes it is sufficient and 1 hour as ma?ximo. You can be jumped this step but help to that the rice leaves ma?s tender.
Pon oil in the casserole and when este? warms up añade the slipped rice, skips some minutes removie?ndolo until you see that the rice puts of an opaque target ma?s.
Meanwhile it boils the water and it measures 3 hot water cups to throw to the pot with rice.
Salt raises to the upper middle fire and añade. When it begins to boil, you cover it with the cover (with paño of kitchen) and losses the fire to mi?nimo.
It leaves the rice becomes during 15 minutes without touching it. Acquittal the pot of the fire and waits for other 5 minutes before opening it.
Acquittal the cover, hollows a little the rice and ready to serve!

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  1. Herbivorous chronicles May 8, 2016 AT 10:23 p.m. - Reply

    I will try to do it thus 🙂

    • Sara June 2, 2016 AT 1:27 p.m. - Reply

      you already tell me!

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