Potatoes to the Bengal

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These delicious patatitas of crisp texture take to us to explore several levels of subtle flavors. You are not scared by the long list of ingredients, the magic of the plate is indeed in the spice combination just ground, but there have been days that to be in a hurry there am preparation this same plate with ginger, yogurt, leaves of curry, cumin and garam masala nothing else… the result is rich, but the full deployment is a past one. That each makes the substitutions or omissions that see necessary, the important thing is to send itself to a wonderful cooking experience with love and without fear.
On the other hand, from the ayurvédico point of view, to potatoes they feel spices then but their cold qualities very well to them, slight and dry it does difficult to digest, especially for Dressing gown, the fact to cook them (instead of roasting them) also help to balance that dryness that characterizes them. Ayurveda recommends to limit the consumption of vegetables of the family of the solanaceas and the potatoes are not an exception, that yes, when the commas, cómelas calm and enjoys each bocadito.

500 grs of washed new potatoes
2 teaspoons of pricked fresh ginger
3 chilis green itched without seeds (optional)
125 ml of natural yogurt
2 teaspoons of worn out seeds of coriander
2 salt teaspoons
1/2 turmeric teaspoon
1/2 teaspoon of ground black pepper
1 teaspoon and 1/2 of brown sugar
2 nosey spoonfuls of ghee
1 teaspoon of grain cumin
10 fresh leaves of curry
1/2 teaspoon of dust cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon of dust nail
1/2 teaspoon of dust cardamom
3 nosey spoonfuls of perforated leaves of coriander

Pon the potatoes to boil in a great dipper to high fire and cooks them until they are tender (that does not go or you will end to you a puree, that, yes delicious one). Slip them and when a little cool off, peel them and cut them in 2.5 dices of cms. Pónlas in an earthen bowl.

Pon ginger and chilis (if you are going them to use) in a beater or processor of foods until it is grazes fine, later adds yogurt, the ground seeds of coriander, salt, the black pepper, turmeric and the sugar. It returns to beat it everything until it is a homogenous combination and throws it to the earthen bowl with cooked potatoes, mixes it everything with well-taken care of not chafar potatoes but assure to you that they are covers by especiado yogurt well. Leave the one it rests and it macerates about 10 minutes.

It warms up ghee in a great frying pan or wok to low fire and throws grain cumin. When several tones have been darkened, it throws the leaves of curry, it removes all a little and it adds the potato mixture with yogurt. It removes with well-taken care of so that the potatoes are soaked of spices, and cooks them about 5 minutes or until they are dry and crisp.

Dust them with the cinnamon, the nail and the dust cardamom, mixes it all good and serves it with the perforated leaves of coriander.

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  1. white cecilia to aguilar a. March 4, 2017 AT 2:04 p.m. - Reply

    Excellent. I am in Colombia the potatoes can be the Popes

    • Sara March 15, 2017 AT 10:00 a.m. - Reply

      Clearly, the Popes and the potatoes are the same 😉

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