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Sunday, 17 February 2019 Sunday, 12 Mayo 2019

11:00 a.m. 6:00 p.m.

Each of us has a unique genetic constitution, if we followed the indications of Ayurveda we reached well-being to all the levels. We live with small excuses and malaises with which we have ourselves customary to live, and nevertheless with modifying our way to eat and to live we can not only clear problems but in addition to return to a radiating state.

AyurvedaLife is an existential course and practitioner in whom you will discover the tools that you need to feel total.

You will learn Ayurveda to live it. You will know the bases, philosophy and practice to adapt them to your life and the one of your family.
You will see how incorporate simple habits that they will alter your body, mind and brings back to consciousness. The idea is that you learn the theoretical bases of the Ayurveda of dynamic way and in addition you are improving your accompanied lifestyle, solving all doubts under the company of Sara Shaikh, Ayurveda Therapist and Especialista in Nutrition.
Each class has a component practical to determine the contents well, the style of education of Sara is characterized for being especially practitioner.
The Ayurveda is a millenarian Vedaic science that comes from India, is the mother of medicines and it is characterized for being preventive and integral. The Ayurveda teaches to us to identify our unique constitution and how to maintain in balance thanks to a customizados diet and lifestyle to us for our particular needs. Of there its effectiveness.

The classes are realised in the House-School of Sara, in the Malagan field, near Villafranco of the Guadalhorce, where it takes to 4 years distributing factories. The zone is very calm, readily accessible, communicated and by far space well to park.
Each encounter is a micro retirement towards the well-being, surrounded by nature is easier to reconnect with our true one to be.
This way we return to the traditional method of education in India, where the students spent the day in “gurukul?, the house of the teacher.

The encounter will be realised in the field near Coín between the 11:00 and the 18:00.
The course structure in 4 encounter, the exact dates is the following:

Domingo 17 of February
Domingo 10 of March
Domingo 7 of April
Domingo 12 of Mayo

He includes food prepared according to Ayurveda, dossier of notes and tea, in addition to 10% of discount in personal consultation or accessories, you decide.
Each student will receive a Certificate of Attendance when finalizing the 4 classes of the AyurvedaLife Course.

Place of the event

Street High Meadow
coin, Malaga, 29100

Honoraria of events

€ 250.00